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Community Health Nursing.

Compare and contrast geographic communities, communities of interest, and communities of solution. Provide a specific example of how a geographic community can move from a community of interest to a community of solution. Provide rationale and include at least 2 scholarly references.
Using demographic information from the 2013 Sentinel City demographic database, as an example, briefly describe the target population that is served by your practice learning site. Discuss at least 2 health status indicators applicable to your target population. Next describe the community assessment model (framework) appropriate for your target population. Include a rationale for selecting this model. What types of information on the CLAS website pertain to the population served by your practice learning site?

Sample Solution

According to Gratius (4) the term emerging power examines the financial limit of the purported BRIC nations without focusing on their military potential and additionally political worldwide influence. Past financial criteria, in a multi-dimensional worldwide order, the term emerging power requires a more extensive and a more entire definition. An emerging power is, as such, a nation which finds itself in a change procedure from one global position to a higher one: little capacity to medium power, medium to huge, huge to international. In this sense, and as per the quantifiable information already said, four nations can be identified as emerging powers most importantly: China, India, Brazil and South Africa. As indicated by our definition, Russia and other conventional forces would be rejected (Germany, France, the UK) on the grounds that, for shifting reasons, they are moving along the street the other way, from apogee to debauchery, in a procedure of change from superpower to extraordinary power, or to one that is less essential at any rate. According to Aguilar and Alves de Souza (94) emerging powers are a piece of the developing world and even do not achieve similar social levels of nations that are advanced, they have procured an awesome level of modern improvement that permitted the foundation of innovative perfection zones and they have a financial limit that may affect the monetary universal framework. These nations have a significance and even local initiative and seek to a more noteworthy presence in global decision making forms. In this sense, they attempt to impact the choices of real powers or gatherings shaped by them on different worldwide issues. That is, to be dynamic and separated performing artists in a few spaces and zones with a specific end goal to contribute for the development of another universal engineering, which includes go up against new obligations and new parts in the worldwide situation. In any case, the journey for worldwide authority by these nations is as yet compelled both the constrained political and monetary ability to react to the requests are emerging and the asymmetry that still exists in the universal framework. These nations endeavour to remunerate these restrictions and requirements, by utilizing their monetary and foreign policy to accomplish vital and political object

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