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Community nursing

E-cigarette sales just hit an all-time high in the U.S. – driven by flavored disposables & menthol cartridges.
If policymakers are serious about stopping the youth vaping epidemic, they must end the sale of all flavored ecigarettes. @FDATobacco must act.
Mar21?inline …
Paragraph one: overview of the policy or potential policy. Include how it could impact your community or those
you care for positively negatively.
Paragraph two: Discuss the importance that interdisciplinary collaboration would have related to the policy.
Paragraph three: Identify any ethical concerns it raises for you and why
Paragraph four: Compose a Tweet that describes what you have shared with the class.

Sample Solution

The key feature in many novels contains adventure and some characters lead us to a magical and amazing world, or discover hidden surprises. In the Harry Potter series the author J. K. Rowling presents an imaginary world of mythical animals and characters, power-seeking tyrants and much more. These novels of magical worlds are where the impossible is possible. The “impossible” is a common element in fantasy. A magical spell made by a wizard waving a wand may challenge the laws of physics as we know them. The authors of fantasy connect unrelated ideas with scientific laws. They swim in their imaginations by creating their own world where strange creatures live alongside humans either on Earth or in a hidden magical world that humans cannot see. 4.1. Example Elements of Fantasy Magic The word ‘magic’ comes from the Greek ‘maikos’. Magic in some famous books has many forms. In J.K. Rowling novels the wizard has a duel with wands, and there are dragons and flying cars, magic potions, evil power, invisibility cloaks and unicorns. In “Narnia” by the author C.S. Lewis, a witch casts a spell on the kingdom of Narnia to sink it in eternal winter. It is also destroys the world simply by saying “the deplorable world”, which reflects an author’s belief that words have amazing power, because an author’s tools are words. The interpretation of magic in the stories is not straightforward. There are dangers in using magic. In the Philosopher’s Stone the devil uses a killing spell but it is forbidden and it rebounds on himself..

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