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There are 5 questions and the job is to answer each as directly as possible. There’s no need for “fluff,”it can be right to the point but important to prove WHY.
It really does not need to amount to a full page if it’s not necessary.
So……How would a court resolve the following disputes under CISG?

  1. Your American textiles company circulates a catalogue featuring a type of flame-resistant industrial fabric; your price is listed as $25 per square meter. A
    Dutch importer sends you a purchase order for 1000 square meters. However, the day before you received that order you decided to raise your price to $30
    per square meter. You send the Dutch importer a Confirmation of Purchase Order listing the price at $30. The Dutch importer objects and insists that you
    conclude the sale at $25 per meter.
  2. A German fashion retailer and an Italian clothing manufacturer concluded a contract for the sale of various fashion goods. The contract contained no
    choice of law clause. The buyer refused payment, alleging to have notified the seller within eight days after delivery (and twelve days after a second delivery)
    of “poor workmanship” of the goods.
  3. A German fashion retailer and an Italian clothing manufacturer concluded a contract for the sale of fashion goods, with the specification “autumn goods,
    to be delivered July, August, September +-“. When a first delivery was attempted on 26 September, the buyer refused to accept the goods and returned the
    invoice on 2 October claiming expiry of the delivery period. The parties argued about the meaning of the above specification, relying on different additional
    factors allegedly known to both parties.
  4. A Canadian company ordered zippers from a Korean seller and during price negotiations the buyer informed the seller that the zippers were for use on a
    special backpack for fishing enthusiasts, so the zippers had to be especially waterproof. Ordinarily, this kind of zipper does not need to be waterproof. As it
    turns out, the zippers were not waterproof. However, the contract did not specifically mention that the zippers had to be waterproof.
  5. The contract specifies that delivery will be to the buyer’s warehouse in the month of June. On June 2nd, the seller’s trucks pull up the warehouse, but
    nobody is there to receive them because the buyer’s warehouse personnel are on strike. The seller’s carrier leaves the containers waiting outside the buyer’s
    warehouse, where they sit for two weeks as the strike drags on. When the strike is over, the containers are brought in, but the goods have been damaged by
    rain. The buyer sues for delivery of nonconforming goods.

Sample Solution

ase study will address the concept of inflation – the rise in average level of prices sustained over time that corresponds to a fall in the internal (domestic) purchasing power of money – with regards to Venezuela. The goal here is to explore several trains of enquiry in order to critically evaluate the impact inflation has had – and may potentially have – on the national income and economic growth of Venezuela. As it stands, Venezuela’s inflation rate – 282972.8% – significantly exceeds that which holds 2nd position – Zimbabwe -175.66% (WorldEconomicForum 2019). In order to better decipher the notable disparity in inflation rates between Venezuela and the rest of the world, several areas will be analysed. This macroeconomic issue will be addressed with regards to challenges surrounding it alongside any potential benefits, it’s impact on the labour market, it’s fiscal impact in terms of taxes and government spending and potential policies that could be implemented in hope of combating it. Venezuela holds the highest recorded oil reserves in the world – possessing approximately 300 billion barrels – even surpassing Saudi Arabia. Evidently, oil is one of Venezuela’s most valuable commodities accounting for 95% of Venezuela’s exports and 25% of its gross domestic product (Independent 2018). However, during a period of time in which the global price of oil dropped, foreign demand to buy Venezuelan oil dipped simultaneously. A key factor that lead to Venezuela’s current crisis, is evidently their sole dependence on a single commodity – oil. As University of Florida’s Gamarra explains, this means “you are bound to the ups and downs of the oil price,”. Without a range of high value added assets, an economy lacks diversity and is vulnerable to ‘moments of downturns in your principal commodities (CNBC 2019).’ On an individual basis, hyperinflation renders any savings worthless due to its eroding impact on money. Consequently, people may hoard goods for instance, food due to the soaring prices. Situations such as these may lead to shortages of food supply, contributing to the issue further.

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