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Company Ltd.

Company Ltd. is a middle-sized software house, operating in “X country” market. It has hundreds of software developers in offices around the country. Currently the company is discussing with client about new project, in which aim is design and implement a new sales system for them. The client trades good and installation services related to outdoor bath tubs. In “ x Country “ the sales are done directly to the end customers through telephones and with separate online store. In addition, the company has distributors in three other countries. Customer has a staff about 100 persons, mainly in sales but also handling the orders from distributors and the general logistics. Installation services are outsourced to companies that are local to the end customers. Based on the preliminary discussions, the sales system should at least include the following core functionalities: • Sellers will be able to browse through the system to see the end customer contact history, current and past orders, while being able to update the data in real-time. • Sellers will be able to browse through the system and update the same data about the resellers. In addition, the system contains information on resale agreements and reseller-specific price lists. • Through the system, sellers receive up-to-date information on the status of an individual order and any related complaints • Salespeople and their managers will be able to browse through the vendor-dashboards, which will collectively display an open sale, contacts related to them, as well as sales statistics per seller, and information on the achievement of sales targets. • Management can use the system to generate reports on sales volume, completed transactions and reseller-specific sales • End customers and resellers are able to track the status of their own orders and order history through the system • The system implements interfaces to the customer’s existing online store and the customer’s separate production management system to retrieve and store the necessary information • The system acts as an internal cloud service for the company • System provides true multi-user functionality and different users can see each other’s changes in real time Outline a realistic implementation plan for the system described above and the different stages of its implementation, based on the limited information currently available. The implementation plan should include: 1) Create a budget that estimates the project schedule and resources required (1-2 pages). It should contain information about the: a) description of the staff required i) their positions, ii) their skills, iii) salaries and iv) participation in the various phases of the project b) other expenses, e.g. i) rents ii) new software and hardware c) Profit marginal. d) Something else? e) Give reasoning for your estimates f) Total price for the client based on previous information 2) Outline a high-level UML plan (see Medifine demo 2) (3-4 pages) a) class diagrams of the main components of the system b) sequence diagrams of key functions c) layout diagram d) the rationale for the plan and the design principles used in it 3) Open the key users through personality descriptions (practical demo) (1-2 pages) a) personal descriptions (3 to 6) in accordance with the provided model 4) Write user stories describing key features (2-3 pages) a) a prioritized list of userstories following a given template b) to-do lists of key stories for the first two sprints c) development roadmap of the system after the first two sprints 5) Plan your first two sprints (2-3 pages) a) describe the key development principles followed by the team and justify the choices b) what would come to sprint backlogs c) estimate the duration of the tasks d) attach developers to the tasks 6) Define the working environment for the project, describe the tools to be used e.g. for task tracking, code versioning, project publishing, communication (1-2 pages) a) a diagram of the tools, which shows the roles that use them and the linkage between the tools b) a description of the environment to be set up and the reasoning for the tool choices c) an estimate of the time needed to build the environment and the skills required

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able to monitor performance and satisfaction, and understand what is required to amend the situation will achieve optimum group performance in Chelladurai’s model. The one limitation of Chealldurai’s model is that it assumes the leader is in a position of complete positional power over the group, and can implement any leadership style of their choosing without constraints. Positional power is the authority and influence a leader has over a group, if the leader has positional power, they will be able to implement the leadership style they best see fit for the situation. Positional power cannot be measured or quantified, making it highly ambiguous and hard for a leader to understand whether they have it or how then can gain it. It becomes the responsibility of the organisation to have policies in place to provide leaders with some positional power, usually by establishing a clear hierarchal structure. By establishing a hierarchy, the leader is perceived by the group to be able to make demands and expect compliance from them giving the leader legitimate power (French and Raven, 1959). Secondly, by providing the leader with the ability to reward compliance and punish non compliance from the group, the leader has reward and coercive power (French and Raven, 1959). To obtain complete power over the group the leader must gain the trust and belief of the group that they are capable of success, by ensuring the group are both satisfied and meeting performance goals. The importance of establishing a hierarchy became evident during the planning stage of the outdoor management course for the red team, the coordinators within the team assumed leadership roles but were unable to gain positional power due to the team being a peer group (Pettinger, 2007). The leaders selected had little authority and influence over the group as everyone was perceived to have the same rank, status and occupation, hence the leaders had none of French and Ravens five bases of power (Pettinger, 2007). The result was leaders with no positional power over the group, so could not direct the group with the method of leadership required for the situation. The task had significant constraints, particularly a short time frame and a large group

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