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Computer forensics’ image analysis

What is your understanding of computer forensics’ image analysis?

Computer forensics’ image analysis makes a bit-by-bit copy of the source media. The images are, just that, images or snapshots and can’t be used as a working copy. Images are for analysis and to make sure evidence isn’t compromised.

What tools have you heard about that can be used for image analysis?

In search for the best computer forensics’ image analysis tool, I found an article written by Raghavan and Raghavan (2013) called A Study of Forensic & Analysis Tools list over sixteen different forensic and analysis tools. Some of the tools listed are “Encase, FTK, X-Ways, Nuix, TCT, Sleuthkit, DFF, OCFA, Snorkel and LibForensics.” (p. 1 para. 2) It used 9 different categories to rate the tools.

Which tool would you choose for your investigation?


Why did you choose this tool? What benefits does it have over the other tools you have heard about?

Altheide and Carvey (2021) writes in, Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools, the “PyFlag is the Python-based Forensics and Log Analysis GUI… PyFlag is a Web-based, databased-backed application… can support multiple users on a single case or multiple users working on different cases in parallel. “(p. 212 para. 2) PyFlag hit all nine categories in the Raghavan and Raghavan (2013) article. The two biggest one that PyFlag had over most of the tools was log and packet capture examination. Both of these are important for different reasons: 1. The log examination can tell you if there are hidden directories/files/folders. If you see a log for data but can’t locate the data. 2. The packet examination can see the MAC address and if tampered with and who sent/received the data.

What are the disadvantages of this tool?

Sample Solution

Danziger, P., & Ross, T. (2006). Amber Brown is Not a Crayon. New York: Penguin Group (USA). Amber Brown is Not a Crayon. And this is something Justin Daniels would never say to her, just as she would never say to him “Justin Time”. Justin and Amber have been best friends since always, they sit next to eat other in class, help each other with their homework and always stick up for each other when needed. They’re a great team; he helps her with fractions (‘which she only half understands’) and she eats the cream middle out of the Oreos and passes the cookie part to him (‘we call it team work. Hannah Burton calls it gross’). Justin has to move away and despite Amber doing her best to be strong and not get upset, she loses it when Justin throws away the chewing-gum ball they have accumulated while packing his things. As well as dealing with her parents being divorced, she’s now vowed never to speak to Justin again. Ambers mom helps her to understand that sometimes people deal with things by pretending they aren’t happening and that it doesn’t mean Justin isn’t sad about leaving. After acknowledging this, the best friends make up and enjoy their time together before Justin’s move. Love Is A Family Picture Book/Realistic Fiction Downey, R., & Gasquet, J. (2002). Love Is A Family. New York: Scholastic. Lily is a fun-loving, bubbly young girl who loves her mother very much. But when Family Fun Night rolls around for school she worries. What will the other kids think when it’s just her mom? Will they laugh at her because her family is so small? Are they the strangest family that will go? She wants for a large noisy family like her friend has. Lily tells her mum she sometimes wishes she had sisters or a dad who lived with her or even a brother! Mama said she knows and that she wishes that too, but their little family just feels so right, and that love is what makes a family and they have plenty of that. When they arrive at Family Fun night, Lily sees all her friends and their families – of every size, shape and color, having a great time. She finds out some kids have stepmoms or stepdads, some were adopted and some live with their grandparents. She learns there are as many ways of showing love as there are stars in the sky. A beautiful book showing the love between a mother and her child and how love is what makes a family. Horton Hatches The Egg Picture Book/Poems Geisel, T. (2004). Horton Hatches The Egg. London: Collins. Horton Hatches the Egg is the story of Horton the Elephant who is tricked by a lazy and irresponsible bird Mayzie to sit in her nest on her egg while she takes a short break which becomes a permanent vacation to Palm Beach. Hortons kindness and generosity are tested when Horton is laughed at by the other jungle animals, captured by hunters, exposed to the elements, forced to endure a sea voyage and then placed in a traveling circus. He endures some hardships and overcomes Mayzie’s obvious deceit but is always loyal to his word and caring towards the egg stating “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful,

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