Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy

Referencing Requirements:

Referencing Requirements:

Short Hand Graphic Design is a new business that you have formed with a business partner, each with a 50% share.
You need money to finance your business. Your assignment is to prepare a business case to borrow money from the bank. You will apply what you have learnt about online

search, hardware, software, MS Word, Ms Excel and Ms PowerPoint to deploy ICT within a business environment.
You need money for the following:
Hardware: two different types of high-end PCs (e.g. Macs) and two different types of A3 colour printers
Software: general-purpose and graphic design (either purchase or lease)
Business premises: you will rent office space for two people near to where you live
Business insurances: employers liability and professional indemnity
Website: register a domain name (e.g. .uk,, .com) and arrange a business or professional web hosting package
Company formation: the cost to start as a UK company with Companies House (e.g. use of accountant)
You must now complete all the numbered tasks below:
Business Case:Microsoft Word
Use a web browser to research and write the business case in Microsoft Word. The following sections are required:

Cover page
Table of Contents
Executive summary
Findings and Analysis: discuss and analyse the graphic design business with Harvard references
Findings and Analysis: describe and explain the business costs you have researched with Harvard references. Show the individual and total costs. Use tables if you

Appendices containing screenshots from 2) and 3) below.

2) Finance:Microsoft Excel
Accurate and realistic financial forecasting for your business will help the bank to trust you. Use MS Excel to complete the following tasks:
Four worksheets: Titled Business Case, Loans, Tax and Profit Share. Each worksheet must contain professionally formatted labels, cells, rows and columns with the

company name, current date and worksheet title set out clearly.
Business Case: Complete workings for all start-up cost calculations. Include individual costs (hardware, software, etc.) and total cost.
Loans: Two different monthly loan repayment schedules for the total borrowed capital; one repayable over twenty-four months at 7.99% pa and the other repayable over

thirty-six months at 6.99%.
Tax: The business will earn 100,000 in its first year. You can claim tax relief against purchase of computers and printers. Calculate the relief based on total

equipment costs over three years: first year at 100%, second year at 50%, and third year at 25%
Tax: The remainder after tax relief is profit taxed at 21%. Calculate the tax liability.
Profit Share: With the remaining amount divide the profit between yourself and your partner 50:50 if the remainder is less than 20,000 or 70:30 in your favour if more

than 20,000.

3)Presentation:Microsoft PowerPoint
You are to meet the bank manager to present a summary of your business case and financial forecasts – i.e. 1) and 2) above. Use a few slides creatively to build your

arguments and figures. Include different content elements and effects only if they support your goal to secure the financial investment. Provide the following:
Introductory and concluding messages
Summary of borrowing requirements
Summary of repayment profiles
Your chosen repayment profile with reasons for your choice.

Provide screenshots (use Snipping Tool or Print Screen) of all work in Excel and PowerPoint. For Excel, display both formulas and functions (use Show Formulas) and the

formula results. Put screenshots in two Appendices after your Bibliography, titled Appendix A: Excel and Appendix B: PowerPoint.


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