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Computer Systems Architecture and concepts

Q1. Using your textbook or from the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the course – Computer Systems Architecture and concepts to a business organization that exhibits and demonstrates these concepts. You should develop a summary of the organization’s strategy and how they use these concepts to compete.
• Whether concerned with buildings or information systems, architecture is a design process that determines the structure, organization, and integration of key components.
• The type and depth of required technology knowledge differ among disciplines of the Unified Process (UP).
• Technical knowledge is also needed to manage an organization’s information systems and infrastructure, with particular attention to compatibility issues and future trends.
• With rapid changes in hardware and software technologies, technical knowledge must be updated constantly.
• A computer is an automated device for performing computational tasks.
• Computer capabilities include processing, storage, and communication.
• A computer system consists of a central processing unit (CPU), primary storage, secondary storage, and I/O devices.
• Computer systems can be roughly classified as personal computing devices, servers, and smart devices.
• A computer network consists of hardware and software components that enable multiple users and computers to share information, software, and hardware resources.
• The role of software is to translate user requests into machine instructions.
• The operating system is the most important system software component in most computers.

Q2. Research a current event that demonstrates a leader who is envisioning the future. You can use the Internet, electronic news agencies, or journals to research a current event that should be fewer than three (3) years old. In your post, address the following:
• A summary of the event
• A brief statement about the relationship of the current event
As a manager, how would you apply what you have learned to an organization?
Include an industry example demonstrating the application of your researched current event.

Sample Solution

derstand the school procedures in processing and recording financial transactions and producing financial information and believe this can be gained by receiving training on the school finance system and observing finance officer, I believe this will help me to move to tier 2 (NASBM) and enable me to understands financial accounts and the principles of double entry booking. My second objective is to develop a better understanding of school asset management; by reviewing and updating the current asset register and ensuring an effective system is in place. I will need to liaise with the site manager to allocate time for training purpose. Part 3 – Exploring the political and organisational context of school business management 3.1 Research current policy context: The education and regulatory environment constantly changes, regional networks and publications such as TES and KEY are valuable sources for SBMs to keep updated on policies especially with expenses that are not planned for. The effects of Brexit will undoubtedly be felt in our education system, what will happen to our European students and teachers? No one can predict exactly, there is a slight tension across our school however at this point our school leaders must carefully consider future outcomes and prepare accordingly. With the government promoting academisation and increased autonomy from Local Authority (LA) schools are having to make the decisions on how to use their funds. Current government is keen to see improved performance in the country’s schools, according to Schools White Paper 2016 “We want to put more power into the hands of the best school and system leaders, and to extend their reach. A more autonomous school system is even more dependent on outstanding educational leaders “ (Gov.UK, 2016:13) clearly the governments aim is to create a school system that is self improving, embedding better training systems to develop more high quality leaders also making schools more autonomous. An SBM works with Headteachers ensuring schools manage resources effectively and efficiently to achieve be

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