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Conclusions for study

Conclusions for study

Order Description

These are my conclusions bullets points as you see below I need to summaries in assays.
Please don?t just connect the paragraphs, I need you to look to look to it and read it and create and a nice summaries as instructed below ?please do not repeat this

vocabulary in your summary?

Can you make summery for one page for the next 3 bullets points
? Frequent exacerbations also hasten a decline in activity over time and potentially this patient group would benefit from greater encouragement to continue


? We have shown that exacerbations reduce physical activity with patients recovering within a 3 to 4 day period. The reduced activity is probably due to increased

respiratory symptoms and airflow limitation. This time could be the best time to start pulmonary rehabilitation post exacerbation.

? Daily activity is a major drive for patients reporting COPD exacerbation events and seeking additional therapy. Thus, non-hospitalized COPD exacerbations are key

events that not only cause symptomatic deterioration but also impair the patients? activity.

Can you make summery for one page for the next 3 bullets points
? Inactivity is greatest during cold, overcast and rainy weather. Pulmonary rehabilitation programmes should consider specifically targeting patients during winter to

prevent this inactivity.

? Activity is also reduced at weekends and patient education should encourage patients to maintain activity on these days.

? Our results provides evidence of an effect on the daily activity of COPD patients of atmospheric pollution at higher levels and public health schemes to reduce

levels of atmospheric pollution should be further encouraged.

? The number of steps were significantly different among COPD GOLD stages, moderate stage patients was the highest step counted compared to severe and very severe

Can you make summery for page and half for the next 5 bullets points
? Changes in exercise capacity and physical activity at exacerbation are related to disease severity, changes in depression and exacerbation frequent

? Patients with COPD should be encouraged to increase physical activity as pulmonary rehabilitation reduces breathlessness, improves quality of life and exercise

tolerance. pulmonary rehabilitation has lasting benefits in reducing the reduction in daily activity, exercise capacity post exacerbation and quadriceps muscles

strength. The education part of PR could the key for keeping the benefit for long time.

? Changes in inflammatory markers at exacerbation altering the perception of reducing the patient exercise capacity and improved as inflammation reduced. Further work

is required to ascertain why COPD exacerbations impact exercise capacity.

? Our results suggest that larger than median increases in CRP during exacerbation affect patient?s daily activity at exacerbation recovery.

? Patients with small increases in CRP level may not need to be treated with oral corticosteroid at exacerbation, thus avoiding possible steroid myopathy.

Can you make summery for one page for the next 2 bullets points

? Daily step counts measured by a pedometer averaged over 28 days correlated well with objective tests of physical capacity, daily time outdoors, daily peak flow,

disease severity, and quadriceps muscles strength; it also related to systemic inflammation levels. Pedometry is a simple, cheap method for quantifying daily physical

activity in COPD patients over a long period of time.

? Accuracy agreement was showed between steps counted by pedometer and steps counted with SenseWear Armband, and between steps counted by pedometer and actual steps

during walking test. Pedometry may be a useful way to prospectively monitor and quantify physical activity during COPD exacerbations in a large observational cohort.
Can you make summery for one page for the next 3 bullets points
? Increased cough related positively to fatigue level and muscles weakness. Increased cough during exacerbation related negatively to level of activities and

positively to number of hours lying down during the day.

? The cough biological mechanisms are not well understood and rehabilitation programs post-exacerbation could start as early as patient?s can make it to prevent

complications of inactivity.

? Number of hours in bed increased at exacerbation, and this change in bed time was associated with changes in cough, sedentary activity and lying down at

exacerbation. Also, patients with high increased in bed time at exacerbation had reduced in exercise capacity compared to patients who had no changes in bed time.


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