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Conference Presentation on ethical practice in business

Your manager has asked you to prepare a presentation in readiness for delivery to colleagues on
the importance of ethical practice and the business case for such people practices. Your
Presentation Pack must include presentation slides, the evidence you have gathered, and presenter
notes. It is expected that your presentation pack is aimed at the appropriate audience and is of
business format.
You should ensure that your presentation includes a review of the various influences on ethical
practice as well as details of a robust business case for the ethical people practices. You also need
to provide a Briefing paper as a handout for delegates covering the main points of the presentation
in an accessible, easy to read way.
Your presentation should include the following and should refer to the CIPD Profession Map
wherever appropriate:
1) Define the term professional and explain the requirements of a people professional. (1.1)
2) To help explain what is meant by ethical values, give at least three examples of your own
personal values and how this affects how you work and develop working relationships. (1.2)
3) Drawing upon work or personal examples, analyse how you could/have

  • Contributed to discussions to ensure people practices are applied.
  • How you can effectively communicate to engage and influence others.
  • How you might raise issues with situations such as organisational policies or the
    approach to leadership that conflict with legislation or ethical values. (1.3, 1.5)
    4) Drawing on relevant theory provide a robust argument that includes both the business and
    human benefits of people at work feeling included, valued and that they are being treated
    fairly (2.1)
    5) Identify a people practice initiative that has been put in place in response to some form of
    internal or external feedback, set out the purpose of this initiative and explain how you would
    evaluate the impact of this initiative paying particular attention to levels of engagement within
    the organisation. (2.2, 2.3)

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