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Conflict and communicaton

Identify three factors or variables that one should consider when tailoring their conflict style to a particular situation or person. Provide an example of why those factors are important when selecting a conflict style. Describe an effective strategy or technique that will improve cross-cultural communication. Challenge this statement. “People with different positions at the outset of a conflict can never resolve the dispute. You might as well give up because there is really nothing you can do if each party wants different things.”

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In 2013, The Better Care Fund was established in England, and sought to transform local health and care systems with a joint pot of money spent on shared priorities of the health and care systems. These local priorities are agreed and signed off at local Health and Wellbeing Boards: another macro integration intervention (enshrined in the 2012 Health and Social Care Act) to develop joint health and care strategy. The Care Act 2014 established a legal duty on local authorities to promote integrated services with local NHS bodies through Health and Wellbeing Boards (Heenan and Birrell 2018). The NHS in England has also sought to develop new integrated organisational forms, influenced by developments in the US. In 2015, NHS England announced a range of pilots in order to explore organisational alignment between different aspect of health and social care services. These ‘vanguard sites’ sought to develop new models of care based on new contractual structures, payment regimes and joint organisations. Since 2015, these new organisations and partnerships have developed ‘place-based’ approaches: collaborations that seek to manage demand into acute and promote wellbeing and prevention of ill health. NHS England has sought to evolve these loose partnerships into ‘Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships’ and more recently into more formal ‘Integrated Care Organisations’. Devolution policy, enacted in the late 1990’s by the Labour government and extended throughout the 2000’s by Coalition and Conservative governments, has enabled Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to pursue distinct policies on integration. The Health and Personal Social Services Order 1972 established joint Health and Social Care bodies in Northern Ireland, meaning services there have a long experience of one particular form of integration. However, Northern Ireland has also pursued further coordination of services (from the service user/patient perspective) through the establishment in 2014 of Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) which identify high intensity users and attempt to design ‘wrap around care’ led by clinicians. (House of Commons Library, 2017).

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