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Contingency Plan and Executive Presentation

Project plans outline the intended course of events; however, things don’t always happen as intended. Organizations need to consider risks and develop a contingency plan. This plan is typically presented to management.

Based on your prior research (on Tesla Inc.), determine potential risk factors for not meeting each of the project objectives. Develop a contingency plan for each of the potential risks. Add the potential risks and contingency plan to your Wk 4 – Apply: Project Plan assignment.

Create a 12- to 14-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes and visuals on every slide in which you:

Identify the organization’s information presented in Wk 1. (Tesla Inc.)
Synthesize the SWOT analysis and market trend research.
Explain how the project objectives will advance the organizational goals.
Assess how success will be measured.
Evaluate the value this project will bring to the organization.
Identify project metrics, timelines, and responsible parties.
Develop a contingency plan for each of the potential risk factors for not meeting each of the project objectives.

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elf-evaluations, in this study, targeted two specific features of French pronunciation: segmental /y/ vs /u/ and segmental/suprasegmental “silent e” (or schwa). These two features have been chosen as variables because they are critical to learners’ intelligibility and comprehensibility. Munro & Derwing’s (1995) Intelligibility/ Comprehensibility principle asserts that intelligibility is the extent to which a given utterance is understood by the learner, while comprehensibility is the learners’ perception of how well they understand an utterance. Methods Participants and sampling The study took place at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. L2 students in a French phonetics course were recruited to participate in the project via an in-class introduction and follow-up emails. The tasks were integrated into the structure of the French phonetics course, and all students in the course were expected to complete these tasks. The instructor of the course was not a member of the research team. The Fall 2016 French phonetics course had two sections, one section was the control group (G1) while the other the treatment group (G2). The groups were assigned randomly to one or the other section. Recruitment took place at the beginning of a class period after permission had been granted by the instructor. The researcher then explained the goals of the study and distributed individual sign-up sheet to preserve the anonymity of the participants. Any student who wished to participate was welcome. The researcher hoped to recruit at least 15 participants in each section of the French phonetics course to meet the requirement for representativeness, but due to lack of enrollment, there were only 7 participants per group. The qualitative data from the participants provided rich enough data to obtain a credible picture and ensure saturation. Thus the requirements for the representativeness/saturation trade-off was met. Both groups received the same instruction in French phonetics and pronunciation. The phonetics course was held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for fifty minutes. Fridays were dedicated to lab work, while Mondays and Wednesdays were lectures. At the University of Illinois, French pronunciation is taught following an ex

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