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Cost Accounting

Wendy Chen established Windy City Coaching (WCC) to provide teen counseling and executive coaching services to its clients. WCC charges a $300 fee per hour for each service. The revenues and costs for the year are shown in the following income statement.


Income Statement
Teen Counseling Executive Coaching Total
Revenue $66,000 $135,000 $201,000
Administrative support 40,000
Transportation, etc. 36,000
Equipment 20,000
Profit $105,000
WCC has kept good records of the following data for cost allocation purposes.

   Activity Level 

Activity Cost Driver Teen Counseling Executive Coaching
Providing administrative support Number of clients 64
Traveling Number of visits 100 150
Using equipment Computer hours 900 700


a. Complete the income statement using activity-based costing and WCC’s three cost drivers.

b. Recompute the income statement using direct labor-hours as the only allocation base (220 hours for teen counseling; 450 hours for executive coaching).

c. How might WCC’s decisions regarding pricing or dropping a service be altered if Wendy were to allocate all overhead costs using direct labor-hours?

d. Under what circumstances would the labor-based allocation and activity-based costing (using Wendy’s three cost drivers) result in similar profit results?

e. A local nonprofit charity is looking for worthy causes to support through financial grants. A primary criterion for support is financial need. Wendy is thinking of applying for support for the teen counseling program. Which allocation method would give her the best chance of winning a grant? Would it be ethical for Wendy to report the income using this method in her application?

Sample Solution

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