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Cost Control Project Phase One

Choose a cuisine for your menu and write a history of the cuisine or region.

Write a one-page narrative about the cuisine of the proposed facility. Please include:

The type of cuisine. Examples would be: Italian, Thai, French, Chinese, BBQ, Cajun. But you can choose any of the cuisine you like.
Its development up to the present time (history).
How well this type of cuisine is represented in your market.
Why you think this type of cuisine will succeed in your market.

Sample Solution

come out of university with a good degree. I have also learned that I am not very good with coping with conflict, when there was conflicting ideas about how to present the presentation. This conflict which caused me to take a back seat as leader and to dissociate from the group I think this is due to prior childhood trauma. Other members of the group, because of different life experiences to mine, were comfortable and sat with the disagreement with some members thriving off it. Most of the group as a whole were anxious about the pentation although one member wasn’t because they are used to giving presentations. Active experimentation: based on what I have learned from this experience in future team work (and If I am ever involved in a MDT) I will try and be less overbearing and controlling. This will be achieved by putting more trust in people and their ability to work effectively and letting them run with their own ideas instead of micromanaging them. This strategy was found to be effective in MDT team (Fay, Borrill, Amir, Haward & West, 2006). I will try not to retreat from conflict by engaging and contributing rather than avoiding and/or running away from it. I think as a non-confrontational person if I develop the confidence to participate when there is conflict in future I will be able to help the group resolve differences and negotiate a solution in a calm and inclusive manner. This will make me a better leader as well as a better team member. My overall conclusion from this experience is that I can be a leader and that I can lead effectively although admittedly can be over controlling in this role. I have also learned that presentations are nothing be scared of or to shy away from and that the feeling of apprehensive in relation to public speaking is normal.

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