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Creating the Affirmative Case

  1. Proposition: The California State Board of Education must uphold mask mandates to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among staff and students at California K-12 public schools.
  2. Context: After a long debate between health officials, the board of education, and parents, California has decided to lift its mask mandates in public schools.
  3. Harms: a) Unvaccinated exposure- Unvaccinated staff or students could expose

themselves or others to Covid b) Unprotected immunocompromised- Immunocompromised staff and

students would not be protected against others who may carry the virus, resulting in more extreme symptoms.

  1. Inherency: a) School Shutdowns- Covid will spread rapidly among staff and students

causing future shutdowns at schools b) Risk of Hospitalization and Death- Immunocompromised staff and

students could be at greater risk of hospitalization or death. 5. Plan: See proposition 6. Solvency:

a) Reduced Transmission Rates- Vaccinated and unvaccinated will continue wearing masks, reducing transmission rates of covid

b) Protection from masks- Immunocompromised staff and students will be protected by others wearing masks.

  1. Advantages: a) Other illnesses spread slowed- cases of other illnesses commonly spread

in school, like the flu, can be prevented b) Teaches good practice- Students can learn how to protect themselves

from getting sick in the future by knowing how to social distance, wear a mask, wash hands, etc.

5: Creating the Negative Response:

  1. Opposition to affirmative plan: The California State Board of Education must uphold mask mandates only for unvaccinated and/or immune-compromised persons in schools.
  2. Context: Although mask mandates are starting to be lifted and the threat of COVID is still present, it is important to make an effort to return K-12 education back to an optimal learning environment without masks.
  3. Harms: a) The continued spread of covid-19- if masks were completely taken out of

schools, covid would continue spreading, including both the unvaccinated/immunocompromised and break through cases of the vaccinated

b) Lack of Social Skills- masks get in the way of kids socializing and recognising cues from others.

  1. Inherency: a) If no plans happen- School shutdowns and risk of hospitalization/death,

especially for those that are unvaccinated and/or immunocompromised b) If the affirmative plan happens- the learning environment will remain less

than optimal due to the barriers the masks pose to communication and social cues.

  1. Counterplan: see opposition to affirmative plan 6. Solvency:

a) Unvaccinated/Immunocompromised wear masks-Those who are unvaccinated will still have to wear a mask in order to prevent the spread of COVID to those with an increased chance of hospitalization and death.

b) Better Socialization for kids- Unlike masking everyone in schools, most kids will be able to go about their school day as normal, and be able to interact fully with others without masks in the way

  1. Advantages: a) Unvaccinated/immunocompromised protected- the unvaccinated and the

immunocompromised will still have protection against COVID through the use of wearing a mask.

b) Socialization- normal interaction will be prioritized in K-12 education with the counter plan

Sample Solution

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