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Credit Scores and Major financial decisions

Knowing a credit score will be used in most credit decisions, what advice would you offer about how to build and maintain a positive credit history?
The Five C’s may be used in major credit decisions. Which two do you think would be most important? Why?
Identify one concept from the Build Your Proficiency diagnostic from Chapters 5 and 6 that you scored lowest in. How might this concept be important to your personal finances? Why would you want to know more about this? I scored lowest on consumer credit and staying in budget while purchasing a vechile.

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‘Phonology is the organisation and patterning of the sounds of the language, including essential elements such as emphasis and intonation. Phonology also records the regional and social variations of sounds among speakers of the same language. These pronunciation differences are known as accents. The study of phonology also includes an understanding of the physical processes involved in making the sounds we call language’ (Whitehead, 1996. P10). ‘The syntax is concerned with words and the ways in which they can be modified and changed themselves, as well as combined together in groups. Modern syntax records and analyses what is heard and written. The rules of syntax emphasize those word changes and word orders which affect meaning and communication. In the same language community there can still be differences between distinctive groups of speakers in the vocabulary and the patterns of syntax they use’ (Whitehead, 1996. P10). ‘Semantics is the study of meaning in a language and takes us beyond the surface of the words, sounds and into the workings of the mind. Word meanings change over time and have dramatically different effects on our perceptions’ (Whitehead, 1996. P11). There are many different types of language such as verbal, written, body language and also sign language. Sign language is a visual language which is used in the deaf societies. The hands are the main articulators as they are used to express linguistic information. Most of the time, the face replaces the role of the intonation that is used in the spoken language, and it is also being used to convey emotion and emphasis. (Groome, 2014). ‘Sign languages are not just sequences of pantomimed gestures, nor are they typically visual forms of existing spoken languages ‘ for example, British Sign Language (BSL) has very little in common with spoken English Language, having a very different syntax and rules for combining words.’ (Groome, 2014. P307). There are several theories of how children acquire language. These can be divided into 3 categories: innate, behaviourist and social interactionist. A behaviourist theory is a theory of learning that states that development and behaviour can be conditioned and shaped by the environment. The innate theory is about the behavio

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