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Criminal Justice

There has been growing concern about the threat of domestic terrorism in the U. S., with extremists motivated by political, racial, ethnic, economic, health, and other grievances. These motivations have been present in domestic terrorist groups in the U. S. since the 1920s. The paper for this course relates to domestic terrorism in the United States. As such, your paper should discuss:

Define the term domestic terrorism
Right-wing domestic terrorism in the U. S.
Left-wing domestic terrorism in the U. S,
Special interest domestic terrorism in the U. S.
Current domestic terrorism trends in the U. S.
Each of your answers should be written using your own words. Do not copy and paste from your textbook or an Internet source. Simply copying from the book word-for-word does not show me that you understand the concepts. Ensure you cite your work and add reference(s) at the end of your journal. This assignment is designed to see if you are reading and understanding the material from your textbook and learning modules, so these should be the sources you are citing in your work. You should not need to do research from additional resources unless the question specifically asks you to do so; you should not be Googling the answers for these questions.Please review the APA material in the Getting Started section if you need assistance. As a criminal justice professional, it is imperative that you learn the finer aspects of writing. Citing and referencing are part of the gradable criteria for your weekly work.All questions are worth 20 points:

If you were writing a history of terror and the United States, what actions would you identify as mistakes in U.S. foreign policy? If the U.S. or the West had done things differently, would jihadi terrorism exist anyway? Provide examples and cite your work.
(Question Removed; Duplicate, so only 4 questions this week)
How did the Tupamaros affect revolution worldwide? If the Tupamaros were so influential, then why did they ultimately fail in their own quest? Please provide examples and remember your citations.
The al Qaeda franchise system grew haphazardly during the first decade of the core’s growing weakness. Regional al Qaeda organizations started with the core’s managerial and financial assistance. How did some of the independent groups emerge who later swore allegiance to the core. How is al Qaeda able to stay strong as a loose alliance of groups?
Define Revolutionary and Counterrevolutionary terrorism. Do they have anything in common? How are they different? What are these types of terrorism are +* groups involved in? Identify several countries which have groups who participate in this type of terrorism. Provide your thoughts on several of the groups who participate in these types of terrorism. Provide examples and cite your work.

Sample Solution

ountry at a time is very strong” (Schmittmann, 2010). Clearly the currency volatility, and double digit devaluation of the pound would back this statement up. A decision to hedge will ultimately be based on the time horizon of investments held. Froot (1993), similarly looked at the need to hedge from a UK investors perspective in the US markets and argued that currency hedges are less useful at reducing real return variance at long horizons than they are at short horizons. Contrary to this is the work of Statman and Fisher (2003), who found that the mean returns and standard deviation of global portfolios with currency hedging were approximately equal to those with unhedged currencies. Given the assumed IM’s investment time horizon to be medium to long term and not day trading, past evidence suggests no clear advantage of hedging, but again this isn’t a normal market. Correlation & Diversification “The primary motive for international diversification has been to take advantage of the low correlation between stocks in different national markets” Goetzmann, Li and Rouwenhorst (2002). “It is critical to be clear as to exactly why the internationally diversified portfolio opportunity set is of lower expected risk than comparable domestic portfolios. The gains arise directly from the introduction of additional securities and/or portfolios which are of less than perfect correlation with the securities and portfolios within the domestic opportunity set” (IPTD, no date). It is important to understand a few decades ago it was stated that cross border correlation was low (Grubel, 1968), yet the speed of change in globalisation through information technology and a more connected world, has resulted in more positively correlated stockmarkets between the developed nations. “The level of correlation between the UK and US market is now so high tha

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