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Cross-Cultural and Global Hospitality Management

Cross-Cultural and Global Hospitality Management

Burma officially called the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has recently emerged from years of international isolation and trade sanctions .  The end of sanctions and the relaxation of military rule is predicted by some economists to welcome in a new era of economic growth . International Tourism is predicted to be a fast growing part of the Burmese Economy in the next decade .  Burma is becoming more accessible and beginning to compete against other Asian destinations in the international tourism market .

You work for an international 5 star hotel chain.  Your board of directors has commissioned you to write a consultative report investigating Burma as a potential location for investment.  Your report is an initial consultation paper and does not need to go into detailed financial plans.  Instead it should analyses the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological factors that might affect your decision to invest in the country.

Your report should contain the following elements:

•    The issues of globalisation and internationalisation that affect Burma.
•    A PEST analysis of Burma
•    Analysis of the relevant cultural dimensions which are necessary to be aware of in preparing to do business in Burma
•    Evaluation of any cross-cultural management research that is relevant to establishing a hotel business in Burma.


To submit your assignment online, your file must be in one of the Acceptable file formats listed below.  An unacceptable file format will NOT be marked.

Acceptable file formats    Non acceptable file formats
1. Microsoft Word® (.doc / .docx)**
2. OpenOffice (.odt)***
3. Google Docs via Google Drive™
4. WordPerfect®  (.wpd)
5. PostScript (.ps/.eps)
6. Adobe® PDF ***
7. Microsoft PowerPoint® (.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx and .pps)
9. Rich text format (.rtf)
10. Plain text (.txt)
11. Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)    1.    Microsoft Works (.wps) file types.
2.    Apple Pages file types.
3.    Spreadsheets (ex. Excel files).
4.    PDF files of images or PDF files which do not contain
highlightable text (ex. a “scanned” file, which is often simply a picture of text, is unacceptable).***
5.    Office Online (Office 365)*

*Note:  Turnitin does not accept files that are created or have been edited in Word Online (When accessing Microsoft Word via your browser: Therefore, first make sure you have Microsoft Office installed on your Computer or MAC. Then open the file in the installed program Microsoft Word and edit the document (you could add a space/full stop). Next, click File, Save As and save the file using a new filename. When submitting your work via UCB Online make sure you have selected the file with the new filename.

**Note:  Turnitin will not accept Microsoft Word 2007 macros-enabled (.docm) files. Also Turnitin will not accept password protected files.

***Note:  Turnitin will not accept .odt files created and downloaded from Google Docs online. Turnitin will not accept “.doc” files created using OpenOffice since OpenOffice “.doc” files are not 100% Microsoft Word equivalent.

*****Note:  PDF documents must contain text in order to be submitted. PDF files containing only images of text/text that cannot be highlighted will be rejected during the upload attempt. For instructions on how to check and/or convert your file to an acceptable PDF format, click here.

Maximum 3000

Grading Criteria
‘UCB’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level ………….apply to this assignment.

In addition you are required to consider the following guidance points which are there to help you structure an effective piece of work. Guidance on essay and report writing is available under ‘Academic Matters’ in your Student Handbook. In addition note the presentation standards specified in the Student Handbook concerning margins, font and layout.

Please note that this assignment is an individual piece of work and should represent your own individual effort.  College policy in case of plagiarism will apply.

In preparation for your final submission Turnitin facilitates the submission of draft work which you can self-check using the originality function. This matching software is useful to use to ensure that you have appropriately acknowledged/ referenced the sources used.

•    Written – the feedback sheet is a mechanism for providing students with comments and feedback on their work. Appropriate comments will be ticked or underlined. Overall comments and specific recommendations for improving work will normally be given at the end.  The final grade will be shown at the top of the sheet.  The feedback may be typed or handwritten.

Additional Support for students
•    Academic Skills Support – all UCB students can get help with their academic work in the Academic Skills Centre (ASC, room 110) whatever your level of study.
•    Year Manager/Tutor – on your timetable there is a tutorial hour where your Year Manager/Tutor will be available to provide help and advice on any matters which may affect your work and progress.
•    Module Lecturers – it is common for a module to be taught by a team of teachers, who together will deliver lectures and seminars, help you understand your assignments and mark your work. It is also useful to make a note of Subject Advice Sessions in the ASC when a module lecturer is available to respond to your queries
•    Language Support – the Language Support proofreading service is available free of charge to students who do not speak English as their first language.
Information Access
•    Student Handbook – this provides referencing, report and essay writing guidance. You will have access to it through UCB Online.
•    Library & E-Resources – the Library provides you with an extensive range of online resources to support your studies. It is worth remembering that almost all of the online resources which UCB offers contain material which is not freely available on the Internet. These include journals, EBooks, business information, market research, news sources and more.



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