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CSS rule that gives all h1 and h2 elements

  1. Write a CSS rule that gives all h1 and h2 elements a padding of 0.5 ems, a dashed border style and a margin of 0.5 ems. [1 Marks]
  2. Write a CSS rule that changes the color of all elements containing attribute class = “greenMove” to green and shifts them down 25 pixels and right 15 pixels. [1 Marks]
  3. Make a layout template that contains a header and two paragraphs. Use float to line up the two paragraphs as columns side by side. Give the header and two paragraphs a border and/or a background color so you can see where they are. [1 Marks]

Question 2: CLO 3 [5 Marks]

  1. Drivers are concerned with the mileage obtained by their automobiles. One driver has kept track of several tankfuls of gasoline by recording the number of miles driven and the number of gallons used for each tankful. Develop a script that will take as input the miles driven and gallons used (both as integers) for each tankful. The script should calculate and output HTML5 text that displays the number of miles per gallon obtained for each tankful and prints the combined number of miles per gallon obtained for all tankfuls up to this point. Use prompt dialogs to obtain the data from the user. [2.5 Marks]


  1. Write a script that uses looping to print the following table of values. Output the results in an HTML5 table. Use CSS to center the data in each column. [2.5 Marks]

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lthough Google and Facebook are on target to stay the biggest two publicizing stages soon, Amazon is supposed to encounter critical development this year and become the third-biggest internet based presents. In 2019 Amazon quarterly promotion incomes outperformed $4 billion without precedent for the final quarter. That got the organization's yearly publicizing incomes 2019 to generally $14.1 billion, up 39% from $10.1 billion of every 2018 (Figure 3/4). Computerized publicizing permits sponsors to utilize online innovations to carry limited time content to purchasers. Before the finish of 2020, UK advanced publicizing spend is projected to be worth roughly 15.6 billion British pounds (Statistica,2020). Web related publicizing is presently the main promoting medium around the world, with $326 billion in advertisement income during 2020, up from $294 billion out of 2019. Representing 52% of worldwide publicizing followed in WPP's 2020 estimate, computerized took the best portion of promoting in many nations for 2019 and is anticipated to do so wherever else in 2020 (Wieser, 2019). Publicizing and the economy are a framework that straightforwardly sway each other 'In a country in which customer spending decides the fate of the economy, promoting propels individuals to spend more. By empowering really purchasing, publicizing advances both work development and usefulness development both to assist with satisfying expanded need and to empower every purchaser to have more to spend.' (Economic Effects of Advertising, 2019) When thinking about these realities, the capability of a fruitful and worthwhile profession in notice looks steady and encouraging. Mechanical While tending to the future innovation and strategies for publicizing understanding the historical backdrop of the sector is first significant. First and foremost talking about the starting points of publicizing before researching gauges of where the eventual fate of promoting will drove. This part will explicitly investigate progressions with respect to publicizing carefully/on the web and how they could advance before very long. Publicizing began when business started, there is proof of merchant's signs from

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