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Cultural awareness and competence

Analyze the historical and contemporary antecedents of discrimination for the selected population (old people, spirituality and religion) along with the resulting problems.
Evaluate critically the theories, methods of working with the selected population, and culturally relevant research related to your selected population.
Analyze the influence of culture on attitudes, values, perceptions, behaviors, and interpersonal relations related to the selected population.
Identify potential problems and social justice concerns with which the chosen population has to deal, suggesting possible solutions and best social work practices that could be implemented in your professional setting.
Identify and analyze your personal competencies that can be used to improve your interaction with this selected population in your professional setting.
Identify specific concerns that you would need to keep in mind when using technology such as e-mail or social media when communicating with the selected population.
Demonstrate, through an action plan, how you will add to your cultural diversity knowledge and how you will apply these leadership skills to your social work practice. The action plan should increase knowledge of cultural diversity and application to practice through the use of technology and leadership that includes collaborative practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to advocate for appropriate services.

Sample Solution

Thus, the first empirical studies that showed a positive relationship between information and communication technology and its ICT-savvy and business performance, were based on intermediate performance measures but not worked with other measures such as profitability (Barau et al., 1995). Meanwhile, Brynjolfsson and Hitt (1998) showed that information and communications technology and its ICT-savvy positively affect the productivity of firms, but had no effect on profitability. Recently, other studies in the literature have demonstrated the existence of a significant positive relationship between the adoption and implementation of information and communication technology or ICT-savvy, and business performance (Baldwin & Sabourin, 2002; Melville, Kraemer & Gurbaxani, 2004; Bloom & Van Reenen, 2007; Koski, 2010; Tello, 2011; Bauer et al., 2012; & Ismail & Mamat, 2012; Kossai & Piget, 2012). 2.3.1 Productivity Productivity shows a capability of an organization to produce desired results. In order to be productive, firms have to hire skilled managers to organize inputs, solve problems and plan for the future. As a result, the productivity of a firm depends on the way its production is organized. Gosen, J (2009) said that the efficient use of ICT in SMEs lead to increased organizational performance, productivity, and access to market. Moreover, in the literature there is also publishing studies that establish an important contribution of ICT-savvy, both at the macro level and the micro level of firms (Jorgenson, Ho & Stiroh, 2008; Polder et al., 2009; OECD, 2009, 2010; Bloom, Draca, Sadun, Kretschmer, 2010). In such studies it is established that the information and communication technology, not only have a close relationship with economic activities, but also to productivity, employment, competitiveness and e

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