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Cultural Competence vs. Nurse Competence

R​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​espond to Dreher and MacNaughton’s (2002) assertion that cultural competence is not a new concept but rather represents fundamental nursing competence. Do you agree or disagree? Whatever position you take, provide an explanation.

Sample Solution

elements impacting accomplishment at an ADN program that was a division of a college that offered a BSN move up to its ADN graduates. Members in the review incorporated a sum of six understudies and three teachers. Understudy members had effectively finished the ADN program, had passed the NCLEX-RN on the primary endeavor, and were by and by signed up for the RN-to-BSN part of the program that was presented by the college. Educators remembered for the review had various long periods of involvement instructing at different levels of the college's program. The review included eye to eye interviews expecting reactions to explicit inquiries. A critical seeing as gotten from the review was the thorough preadmissions models expected for program confirmations delivered understudies with comparative essential information and capacity. In this manner, factors other than the confirmations standards impacted resulting program finishing, and NCLEX-RN achievement. The members in the review (understudies and teacher) concurred that however nobody factor added to progress in the nursing program, the capacity to oversee pressure and shuffle various jobs and obligations were significant characteristics (Rogers, 2010). There are something like 10 types of the WPT, including four recognized as Scholastic Level Exam structures. What's more, huge print, Braille, and audiotape types of the test are accessible for people with inabilities (Brody, 1992). Fruition of Nursing Program culmination is an expected capability to sit for the NCLEX-RN test. Understudies who are not arranged scholastically may have to rehash courses, deferring program finishing. Many projects permit understudies a specific number obviously rehashes preceding end from the program. Siktberg and Dillard (2001) portrayed a BSN programs strategy change, which expanded reasonable course disappointment from a few courses before program excusal. The discoveries related with this strategy change lead to the assurance that 85% of graduates who had bombed the NCLEX-RN had flopped no less than two nursing courses. This tracking down brought about the restoration of the two-course disappointment strategy. Hence, program finishing and on-time program fulfillment are significant thought for understudies and projects the same Siktberg and Dillard, 2001). Kyle (2000) concentrated on chosen confirmations information as an indicator of ADN program finish. LVNs made up 29 of the all out 399 members of the review. During the review time frame 54 understudies neglected to finish the program in view of scholarly trouble and 26 didn't finish the program due to nonacademic reasons. A sum of 319 understudies effectively finished the ADN program. Pre-confirmations information inspected included LVN status, number of school level courses taken, number of preadmission science courses finished, number of pre-affirmations courses rehashed, and foundation where affirmations courses were finished. The specialist decided the earlier nursing work insight as a LVN doesn't build ADN program consummation. Notwithstanding, understudies who finished more school level course work, especially science courses related to a higher generally pre-confirmations GPA were bound to finish the program. Kyle (2000) closed further examination was required with respect to confirmations course redundancy and the exchange of school credit accepted in different instructive settings as the homogeneity of the review populace might have impacted the results noted in the review. Phillips et al. (2002) study comprised of 5,007 ADN understudies signed up for 20 unique ADN programs more than a 5-year time frame. The review was embraced due to high steady loss rates and ensuing decrease in program fruition rates at RN programs. The objective of the scientists was to foster a program confirmations model that better program consummation rates, and diminished whittling down rates. The review inspected 50 factors assembled into one of three separate classes. The classes included dispositional factors, pre-essential necessities, and program choice factors. Dispositional factors enveloped different factors, for example, GPA, number of school course redundancies, science and other school courses, nationality, orientation, and age. Essential necessities incorporated the quantity of pre-imperative courses, pre-imperative course GPA. Program choice factors included program determination strategy (lottery

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