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Current business process in a specific industry

discuss a current business process in a specific industry. Note the following:-The current business process itself.-The industry the business process is utilized in.After explaining the current situation, take the current learning from the course and:

Explain a new technology that the business should deploy. Be specific, don’t only note the type of technology but the specific instance of technology. (For example, a type of technology is smart automation a specific type of automation is automated light-dimming technology).
Note the pros and cons of the technology selected.

Sample Solution

When addressing the future technology and methods of advertising it is first important to understand the history of the sector. Firstly discussing the origins of advertising prior to investigating forecasts of where the future of advertising will led. This section will specifically explore advancements with regards to advertising digitally/online and how they could evolve in the coming years. Advertising started as soon as commerce began, there is evidence of tradesman’s signs from ancient civilisations. Advancements in transportation and mass production meant advertising was more important than ever. In 1920s was the rise of the radio and then in the 30s we saw the introduction of television which gave advertisers the first access to a wide and captive audience. It wasn’t until 2009 that the internet overtook tv as the largest advertising sector, and now it is unrivalled by any other form of media (Figure 5). With the advancement of data tracking such as cookies, beacons and clickstreams advertising has been able to become far more specific with who the ad is targeting. Although for the companies this is greatly desired as it increased the conversion rate per expenditure the public has become overly aware of the potential invasion of their privacy. Behavioural profiling has gone viral across the internet, enabling firms to reach users with specific messages based on their location, interests, browsing history and demographic group but opinions on such catered adverts are widely divided (Figure 6). There’s no doubt that technology will continue to shape the future of how we advertise. There have already been dramatic shifts in the past year, powered by technologies such as 3D, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality (Abramovich, 2019). ‘With the rapid growth in hyper-connected consumers, VR and AI are assuming an increasingly prominent role in marketing and advertising efforts as a means to provide more authentic and personalized engagement opportunities… Technology is allowing us as marketers to push the boundaries in the brand/consumer relationship and, in the next few years, will transform the engagement model so that it’s much more curated and customized.’ (Breithaupt, 2019) In a world that is creating more and more specific adverts personalised to a small demographic

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