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Cybersecurity Strategy

You have been assigned to support the Padgett-Beale Merger & Acquisition (M&A) team working under the direct supervision of Padgett-Beale’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The M&A team is in the planning stages for how it will integrate a new acquisition, Island Banking Services, into the company as its financial services arm (PBI-FS). Initially, PBI-FS will function as a wholly owned subsidiary which means that it must have its own separate cybersecurity program.

Your first major task (Project #1) will be to help develop a Cybersecurity Strategy & Plan of Action for PBI-FS. Island Banking Services never had a formal cybersecurity program so you’re starting from scratch. You will need to research best practices as well as relying heavily upon what you learned in your undergraduate studies in Cybersecurity Management and Policy. The CISO has provided detailed instructions for this task. (These appear after the Background section below.)
After five years of operation, Island Banking Services — a non-U.S. firm — was forced into bankruptcy after criminal money laundering charges were filed against the company and its officers. Padgett-Beale, Inc. purchased the digital assets and records of this financial services firm from the bankruptcy courts. The purchased assets include licenses for office productivity software, financial transactions processing software, database software, and operating systems for workstations and servers. Additional assets included in the sale include the hardware, software, and licensing required to operate the company’s internal computer networks.

Sample Solution

recognize their horrish situation and experience Catharsis. Sophocles teaches the audience of the importance of cultural morals through Oedipus and Creon’s catharsis. Catharsis is when the tragic hero accepts his consequences, teaching truth. The audience identifies and learns from the tragic hero’s downfall. After discovering Eurydice commit suicide, Creon tells the chorus, “I killed her, I can own no alibi: the guilt is wholly mine” (Sophocles 251). Creon recognizes that his situation was solely caused by himself. Creon realizes that the cause of his hardships are rooted from his arrogance. Creon understands that he should have acted morally and listened to the Prophet. Sophocles is emphasizing the importance of cultural morals by developing Creon’s adversity. Sophocles shows the audience that the ignorance of cultural morals can lead to extreme hardships. Sophocles also shows the same message through Oedipus catharsis. Oedipus experiences catharsis through blinding himself. When talking to the chorus Oedipus says, “Oh yes, I pierced my eyes, my useless eyes, why not? When all that’s sweet had parted my vision” (Sophocles 73). He accepts the consequences of his sins by blinding himself. He Oedipus recognizes the unmoral life he has lived and the horrible consequences that follow. Sophocles’ message that cultural moral are an important aspect of life is also present in Oedipus the King. Sophocles message about morals is still relevant in the modern world. Nowadays people live horrible lives because of the ignorance of even one moral. Similar to Oedipus and Creon, one moral flaw can turns someone’s life around entirely. Modernly, moral failures often result in a prison sentence. The prison sentence can often replace education, minimizing the prisoners chance of getting a successful job. After a prison sentence, criminals often turn back to crime, because there is no other sufficient source of income.

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