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Data Mining Techniques (IBM)

Several large organizations, such as IBM and Accenture, provide examples of their data mining planning success. Each one has unique characteristics that outline their experience and approaches to data mining. Review the links below.

Data Mining Techniques (IBM) (

Digital Mining: Connecting the mine from pit to port, from sensor to boardroom, for improvement (
safety and productivity (Accenture)

For your selected topic, you will add one real-world mini-case that highlights the themes that you selected for your topic.

Examine the following:

typical decisions made in the project
Data Mining, Machine Learning, or Knowledge Discovery project goals (if stated)
type of Data Mining, Machine Learning, or Knowledge Discovery application and its features
tools and technologies used
measurements used
Provide a one-page summary of your findings. Include the complete article in your submission.

Sample Solution

Although publicly denied by the Russian Government, Tchaikovsky was a homosexual. He took several lovers, such as Alexey Apukhtin and Vladimir Shilovsky, whom he met at the Moscow Conservatory, Alexei Sofronov, his valet, or personal assistant, his student Eduard Zak, Joseph Kotek, Vassily Sapelnikov, and most famously, Vladimir Davidov, his nephew. Some of these lovers actually inspired Tchaikovsky to compose pieces dedicated to them. The Romeo and Juliet Fantasia-Overture was composed for his Eduard Zak, who committed suicide in 1873. Zak’s death strikes some similarities with the Shakespeare Play that shares its name with the fantasia-overture. The strife between the Capulets and the Montagues can be read as a metaphor for Russian Societal Views on homosexuality and homosexuals themselves. Tchaikovsky, who was very uncomfortable with his homosexuality, might’ve found himself between the two groups like Romeo and Juliet. When Zak finally killed himself, Like Romeo did, Tchaikovsky must’ve used this story to cope, and dedicated the fantasia-overture to him. Tchaikovsky’s internalized homophobia caused him to be very uncomfortable with himself. In a letter to his brother Modest, who was by contrast openly gay, he said “I am now going through a very critical period of my life. I will go into more detail later, but for now I will simply tell you, I have decided to get married. It is unavoidable. I must do it, not just for myself but for you, Modeste, and all those I love. I think that for both of us our dispositions are the greatest and most insuperable obstacle to happiness, and we must fight our natures to the best of our ability. So far as I am concerned, I will do my utmost to get married this year, and if I lack the necessary courage, I will at any rate abandon my habits forever. Surely you realize how painful it is fo

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