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Data Visualization and GIS Solutions

Research digital dashboards Data Mashups that are available to businesses. In a paper, summarize the range of solutions available with examples of how they might be utilized. Then conduct some research and identify an organization that has adopted one of these software solutions. Briefly describe the organization, and then answer the following questions:

What technology (or technologies) is the organization using?
Which business units utilize the data presented by the technology?
What does the technology provide to the organization? What benefits does it offer and/or what problems does it solve?
Explain the present and future impacts of such a technology from a business perspective.
Identify areas in which the organization might expand or improve upon using the technology. Explain what they could do and why they should do it.

Sample Solution

A: This scenario concerns the law in relation to the tort of negligence. Meghan and Catherine have suffered severe injuries, as a result of Australia Post not being careful and cautious in regard to receiving a suspicious, large bulging parcel. It is clear that Meghan and Catherine can take legal action against Australia Post for reasons such as leaving the potentially dangerous package unlocked, not in a secure place causing the injury in the first place. Another reason would be for Catherine as she was “administered a drug that was not effective against the snake venom”. The case of Donoghue v Stevenson outlined three elements that if proven, achieve a negligence case. These elements include duty of care, a breach of duty and causation. Duty of Care The first step is to establish a duty of care. The party of the defendant, Australia Post, owes Meghan, Catherine and the general public a duty of care. The workers had established that the parcel could potentially contain a dangerous or illegal substance. As they did not secure the article properly in the cupboard, Australia Post should be held liable for the snakes escaping and not examining the parcel before it was in transit. Therefore, Meghan can sue Australia post as they broke their duty of care by not taking appropriate precautions. Catherine can also take legal action as the result of her injuries was in relation to the proximate cause of this event, the snakes escaping due to the unlocked cupboard. Catherine is also entitled to take further legal action against the doctor who owed her a duty of care but in return, administered the incorrect treatment which as a result, has made her legs immobile. Breach of Duty The next step is to determine whether or not a breach of duty occurred. It is evident that Australia Post is liable for the harm that has been caused towards Meghan and Catherine as they failed to take precautions, resulting in a breach of duty. According to section 5B (1) of the Civil Liability Act (CLA) 2002; A person is not liable for harm caused by that person’s fault, unless the risk was foreseeable. It is indisputable that the risk was foreseeable as the employees of Australia Post, Harry and Will suspected that the parcel may be dangerous, nonetheless, they still placed it in an unsafe place. It is evident that the risk was not insignificant as it is clearly stated in Australia Post’s terms and conditions (prohibited and dangerous goods, clause 57.2.1), they have the right to destroy the parcel under authority if rendered safe or are obliged to deliver the article to the police. Therefore, considering Harry and Will are both employees of Australia Post, i

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