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describe Acme’s organizational design type, its four fundamentals of structure, what sort of departmentation it has, what you know about its environment (e.g., the 5 competitive forces/levers for cooperation), what type of strategy/

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Write an essay include two section
1.Analysis (500 words). Use concepts from the course to describe Acme. For
example, describe Acme’s organizational design type, its four fundamentals
of structure, what sort of departmentation it has, what you know about its
environment (e.g., the 5 competitive forces/levers for cooperation), what
type of strategy/ies it has (e.g., Cost Leader, Differentiation, Minimizer,
Transformer), how you might characterize you uncle’s and Frank’s and
Peter’s moral-points-of-view management (e.g., Mainstream or
Multistream), where Acme is in the life cycle model, and so on. Perhaps do
a SWOT analysis. Be explicit about any assumptions you are making. Of
course, you won’t be able to write about all these things in 500 words or
less, so you must choose carefully what you say; include the things you will
draw upon and that will serve as a foundation for the advice in second part.

2.Advice (500 words). Based on your analysis, formulate some advice for
your uncle. For example, what should he be talking about with Frank and
Peter in the performance review? What should be doing in the next six
months? Identify any changes he should make, and explain why he should
make them. You might also want to include ideas about managing the
change process itself.

You were attending the wedding of a distant cousin when after the service
you were re-connecting with some relatives you hadn’t seen for awhile.
One in particular was your uncle Winston whom you had always found to
be particularly likable and entertaining. You found out that he now owned a
small business called the Acme Computer Company, and you thought that
maybe someday you could work for him. When you told him that you were
in business school, his eyes lit up and he asked if you were taking any
courses on management and organization design and things like that. You
told him about your management course, and he asked whether you might
want to provide him some advice for his company. You were about to say
that you didn’t think you were qualified to give much help, but he added
that he would pay you to prepare a short report and that this sort of
consulting work would look good on your resume. You agreed to help.
Company History
The Acme Computer Company was started in 1996 as a small computer
retail sales and service company. It grew quickly to about 30 employees,
but then declined due to changes in the larger retail marketplace. Starting in
1999 the firm become involved in helping MTS to roll out what were at the
time leading-edge high-speed internet services. Essentially Acme’s service
technicians worked on behalf of MTS to install wiring in people’s homes
for high-speed internet access.
The firm had 6 employees in 2005 when the original founder sold it to your
uncle, who was an employee at Acme at the time. Your uncle realized that
the future of the firm was not in retail sales and service, but rather it was in
developing further its opportunities as a highly-skilled technical services
company. Starting in 2006 Acme became one of four firms to install not
only internet, but also telephone and television cables for MTS. Acme was
to become a province-wide leader in the installation of IPTV,
telecommunications and network services.
Your uncle’s first years of owning the firm were exciting, and by 2010 it
had 55 employees. This growth and success acted as a stimulant that
energized everyone at Acme. Around 2010 your uncle realized that,
although it was exhilarating and rewarding to manage such growth on an ad
hoc and administratively-lean basis, this was not sustainable much longer.
What if he got hit by a bus? Would the firm be able to continue without
1 Note that some of the details in this case, like names and numbers, may have been
changed for pedagogical purposes. The case has been prepared by Bruno Dyck,
based on information provided by Winston Churchill of Acme Computer Company.
him? The time had come for Acme to reflect on its mission and values, and
to create structures and systems and policies that matched the firm’s size.
Your uncle said he wanted to build a “healthier” organization.
Mission and values
Part of developing a healthier organization was to develop and make
explicit Acme’s mission and values. Acme’s concise three-point mission is:
Technology well-connected; Customers well-informed; Communities wellserved.
Acme’s three “values” co-align with this three-part mission: “excellence,
education, and humility.” In short, Acme takes pride in providing highquality
work, emphasizes the transfer of knowledge and experience to and
from customers, and seeks to promote community well-being and service
(for an example of the latter, Acme has provided financial support to an
orphanage in Africa for several years and has sent staff there to visit). As is
appropriate, Acme’s mission and values are strongly influenced by your
uncle, who wants to have an organization characterized by processes that
encourage trusting relationships, teamwork and community. He wants
leadership to be suggestive rather than directive.
Overall organizational structure
In terms of its organizational structure, your uncle currently serves as the
CEO of Acme. He has a Director of Operations (Don) reporting to him;
Don manages the Admin dept and oversees the two other departments:
1) the Administrative department (e.g., a controller, a Human Resources
manager, and a manager of the fleet of 14 company vehicles);
2) the Telecom department (managed by Peter, comprised of about 344
technicians), and
3) the Fibre optics department (managed by Frank, comprised of 7
The Telecom department. Technicians in the Telecom department install
tv/internet/phone services in the homes of residential customers on behalf
of MTS. These technicians have the MTS logo on their uniforms, but also
the Acme logo. Acme is one of four firms whose technicians install MTS
services. The Acme technicians typically work alone, and get paid a “piecerate”
amount for each installation they complete (on average, they get paid
about $25 – $30 per hour). Being a technician can be physically-demanding
work (running wires in crawl spaces is not easy on the body) and requires
good people-skills to be gracious and patient with customers. Acme has
been successful in retaining its technicians; only about 15% of technicians
leave Acme in a year, whereas the industry average is closer to35%. This



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