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Developed and Underdeveloped Countries

What is the difference between a developed and an underdeveloped country? Give an example of one of each of these countries and describe how the healthcare systems of these countries are different (do not choose US). Does the US have any responsibility to healthcare in other countries? You must utilize and reference at least two scholarly resources that weren’t part of your weekly readings in your response.

Respond to classmate 1:
Government programs for healthcare, retirement benefits, family allocations, and health insurance are national traditions’ legacies.
Types of Universal Health care include:

  1. The Bismarck Model –> health insurance and healthcare access are linked to employment in this model, which is financed through social contributions rather than taxes. It relies on health insurance funded through social contributions (by employers and employees), managed by companies and employees’ representative. State must decide on the scope of intervention of health insurance funds and take the appropriate measures if a financial imbalance.
  2. The Beveridge Model –> Social protection system is based on the principle of universal access to health care, nondependent on employment. This access to healthcare is not considered contingent on employment but rather an intrinsic part of citizenship. Public authorities fund this system through taxes rather than through social contributions.
  3. The Semashko Model –> Socialized medicine is the product of a specific political ideology. Healthcare services belongs to the state, and the state paid healthcare professionals. Services were usually free, but patients had to pay out-of-pocket fees for medication, etc. System provided universal access to health care. It was broadly a benefit in the kind system. Central authorities defined coverage levels and the amounts set aside for healthcare spending

Sample Solution

will be unable to be determined somewhat early nobody can foresee the future with full confidence. For specific circumstances, consequentialism can prompt decisions that are unsuitable, despite the fact that the results are maybe ideal. A model would be in the event that financial experts concluded that subjugating a little level of individuals would work on the wellbeing, riches, and lives of every other person, despite the fact that it would be ethically unpleasant and irreprehensibleA, the consequentialist view would be the means supported the finishes (McCombs, 2018). C) Virtue approach The righteousness approach depends on the individual as opposed to activity, consequently it is more an individual focused approach as it takes a gander at the temperance or moral trustworthiness of the individual completing the activity, instead of at moral commitments and rules, or the results of that specific activity. Righteousness not just arrangements with what is considered to be right or amiss with the activities of an individual, it gives help concerning the kind of qualities and ways of behaving the individual will try to accomplish. In like that, the temperance approach is engaged with the entire of an individual's life, as opposed to events or activities. An ethical methodology just purposes four standards, an activity is possibly correct in the event that it is an activity that a righteous individual would do in similar conditions. An upright individual is an individual who acts righteously. An individual demonstrations uprightly in the event that they "have and experience the ethics". An uprightness is an ethical trademark that an individual requirements to live well (BBC, 2014).

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