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Did the United States lose the war?

I​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​n January 1973, Richard Nixon announced the accords that ended the American presence in Vietnam. We withdrew and within 18 months the Communist forces of North Vietnam had unified the country under their control, with support from many in the South. I want you to examine the negotiations that led to the accords. What did each side want and in the end, I want you to take a position and argue the questions: Did the United States lose the war?

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junior colleges confirmations standards, researchers have found an extensive variety of required pre-essential confirmations courses, units, and different models among programs (Ali, 2008). The writing uncovered the incorporation of various scholastic confirmations rules, including GPA, SAT, ACT, NLN, Preadmissions Test, Nurse Entrance Test (NET), and the Written Proficiency Examination (WPE), TEAS. Late worries with respect to grade expansion, and the prescient worth of GPA, has brought about the more successive consideration of government sanctioned tests as a component of the confirmations measures in recognizing understudies who are probably going to prevail on the NCLEX-RN (Penprase, 2013). Varieties in the affirmations measures utilized by nursing projects to concede understudies make results appraisal troublesome. Besides, a huge extent of studies connected with confirmations standards and understudy achievement has been centered around baccalaureate programs. In this way, barely any examinations have tended to program fulfillment and NCLEX-RN licensure accomplishment at the junior college level, with considerably less investigations connected with the progress of LVN understudies in junior college partner's certificate enrolled nursing programs (Landry, 2010). Anticipating Success in NCLEX-PN Programs It is vital for survey the useful nursing studies and the highlights that can foresee accomplishment on the NCLEX-PN. The National League of Nursing (1954) embraced an investigation of 87 pragmatic nursing schools in 1951. The review was to decide the degree to which the National League of Nursing Education (NLNE) determination tests for understudies and certain other individual qualities were connected with execution in the nursing program as well as to meet all requirements for a permit to rehearse. The outcomes showed a positive connection between scores procured on the NLNE preadmission and order assessment and scores on the pragmatic medical caretaker evaluation scores and results procured on the permitting test. The higher preadmission and arrangement scores were, the more probable it was that the understudy would finish the course (Sayles, 2003). Glade (1964) examined various determination strategies and their viability in foreseeing scholastic achievement and hands on progress of a chose gathering of 214 understudies in a school of functional nursing. An endeavor was made to decide if there were certain attributes that recognized the fruitful nursing up-and-comer from the person who fizzled, and whether these qualities can be distinguished ahead of time. The significant finding in this exploration project was that a mix of indicator factors were found that could foresee reasonably precisely hypothesis grade, accomplishment tests, and State Board Exam scores. The main indicator was the composite score of the NLN pre-confirmation and grouping test. Seither (1974) explored the prescient legitimacy of chosen confirmation screening measures including 117 functional nursing understudies. In particular, the California Short-Form Test of Mental Maturity, the California Reading Test, the California Test of Personality, and the age of the contestant were investigated in this review. The outcomes observed that there is a positive relationship old enough towards becoming fruitful in useful nursing as estimated in NLN accomplishment scores, licensure test scores, and understudy's clinical presentation. Perusing appreciation anticipated the greater part of the excess change. Leitsch (1988) endeavored to distinguish factors that anticipate outcome in reasonable nursing programs and to recognize scholastically lacking understudies. Level of instructive fulfillment as estimated by end of (GED) program, secondary everyday schedule courses were not viewed as a helpful indicator of progress in LPN programs. The capacity of orientation to anticipate achievement was restricted. Albeit the review viewed age as connected with section or disappointment of the LPN Exit Competency Test, generally speaking age was not a decent indicator of outcome in LPN programs. Race likewise was not an indicator of progress. Trial of Adult Basic Education (TABE) perusing scores represented the biggest level of change in every one of the measure factors in both single and various relapse examination. The R was 0.0740 for the fluctuation in section or disappointment of the LPN Assessment Test (AT) represented by TABE understanding scores. TABE science scores represented just a little percent of the fluctuation (7T = 0.0151). Quick's (1989) investigation of 1,254 useful nursing understudies in 12 postsecondary schools in Georgia exhibited no huge distinction between paces of program culmination for either secondary school graduates or GED beneficiaries. Nonetheless, GED beneficiaries had fundamentally higher combined grade point midpoints when contrasted with secondary school graduates. Though age displayed no huge relationship to the presentation as far as GPA and NCLEX results, race was viewed as a calculate that African American understudies would in general have lower section rates in contrast with the exhibition of Caucasian understudies on the NCLEX-PN. Achievement is prevalently characterized in the functional nursing research writing as finishing on the NCLEX-PN assessment. Thompson (1989) viewed as SAT verbal, race, and progress in years to be indicators of achievement for the down to earth nursing licensure assessment. A portion of these discoveries were disconnected to results revealed in later examinations. The example comprised of 248 pragmatic nursing understudies across the province of Georgia who graduated in 1987 and composed the authorizing assessment. Autonomous factors included Test of Adult Basic Education scores; three sub-test scores of the Career Planning Program Test including perusing, mathematical abilities, language abilities, SAT, ACT, secondary school grade point normal, age, and race. Sub-scores of every confirmation test were utilized as indicator factors in stepwise numerous relapse examinations and investigation of fluctuation was utilized to dissect the impact old enough on licensure achievement or disappointment. The mean age for the subjects who bombed the nursing assessment was 24.55, while the mean age for the subjects who breezed through the assessment was 27.82. Caucasians were bound to have passing scores when contrasted with minorities, and the specialist likewise found a huge, positive connection between SAT verbal scores and nursing licensure scores as well as between Career Program Reading Test scores and nursing licensure scores. Chi-square examination tracked down rural projects to have fundamentally better section rates when contrasted with the entry paces of projects situated in metropolitan or rustic regions. Chosen factors that could influence whittling down in pragmatic nursing projects and accomplishment on the NCLEX-PN in Alabama were analyzed. Factors found to have a relationship to program result were age and race. The most youthful age gatherings (17 - 24) were found to have a low

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