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Discussion Boards (DB) are a key component of online learning

Discussion Boards (DB) are a key component of online learning. They foster active participation of learners and dialog with fellow learners and instructors. Graduate­level courses
require learners to create original posts to course DBs and to engage in dialogue by responding to posts created by others throughout the course. Original posts and responses
should be substantive, and if references are made to the works of others, APA guidelines for in­text citations and references apply.
Minimum Weekly DB Expectations
Post an original and thoughtful Main Post to the DB prompt.
Respond to at least 2 other posts from learners and/or the instructor (Response Posts).
The first contribution (Main Post or Response Post) must be posted before midnight (Central time) on Friday of each week.
Two additional responses are required after Friday of each week.
For DB assignment prompts with a Part One and Part Two, Part One should be addressed in the first week of the unit with a Main Post and minimum of 2 Response
Posts, and Part Two should be addressed in the second week of the unit with a Main Post and a minimum of 2 Response Posts.
More on DBs
At the end of each unit, DB participation is assessed based on level of engagement and the quality of the contribution to the discussion. DBs allow learners to learn through
sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content. Because it is not possible to engage in two­way dialogue after a conversation has ended, no posts to the DB are
accepted after the end of the unit. Learners must demonstrate an appropriate depth of understanding of course content to receive credit for having submitted substantive posts.
Typically, this is achieved with 3–4 strong paragraphs for Main Posts and 2–3 strong paragraphs for Response Posts.
Review the following LinkedIn Learning videos to help you with your assignments in this Unit.
Refer to the “Sports Physical Therapy Case Exercises” in Chapter 9 of the textbook. Discuss the following in the Discussion Board:
The Sports Physical Therapy clinic is considering centralizing their database operations. What are their options for this centralized computing?
The Sports Physical Therapy clinic is having trouble with the performance of their Access database. They would like to split the database between front end and back end
to improve performance. How would they do this?
In your own words, post a substantive response to the Discussion Board question(s) and comment on other postings. Your response should address the DB question(s) and
move the conversation forward. You will be graded on the quality of your postings, including mastery of the concept as well as critical thinking. If asked for your opinion, do not
simply state that it is a good or bad idea; elaborate on your reasons and argument. Include enough detail to substantiate your thinking as well as your position on the questions
or comments.

Sample Solution

main successor help. I currently lead week after week staff gatherings to be more engaged with administration and the executives exercises and further develop my arranging and relational abilities. 4.3 Review finding out with regards to SBM and connect with school setting: As a yearning SBM, this is the start of developing my insight on in the background of school business the board, featuring the significance of having a SBM in my school and regions where there is a lot of extension for development, for example, an incentive for cash (assets and administrations can be tested routinely) recognize regions where the school can set aside cash. I have added on my PDP (Appendix 1) to lead a month to month stock-take of writing material supplies killing excess and pointless supplies, setting aside cash for different assets advancing the schools vision. I comprehend the significance of staying up with the latest with strategy changes and the need to embrace and adjust diverse learning methods, additionally the positive effect of having a SBM on the Headteachers responsibility. Learning diverse insightful apparatuses has made me notice areas of school improvement; what should be improved and how might it be improved. This course has assisted me with distinguishing regions where I want to improve and empowered me to observe methods of how I can foster myself further (Appendix 1). Additionally figured out how to utilize distinctive acquiring methods and arranging abilities and acquired positive outcomes, shadowing my director is giving me significant experience, I likewise made a few ideas she's accepted, for example, execution the board ought to be all through administrator staff and preparing gave to staff to further develop IT abilities further for a more productive help. 4.4 Priorities for additional vocation advancement and expert learning: My drawn out vocation improvement is to get a SBM position ideally inside my school. I really want to additionally foster my administration and the executives abilities and trust this course, driving and finishing my venture alongside the assignments I have attempted will assist me with climbing a level on the NASBM principles. I additionally need to demand to be associated with new tasks helping where conceivable. My PDP (Appendix 1) will assist me with understanding School Finance and Asset Management better. My new objective (Appendix 1) will help me in incentive for cash, exchange and designation where conceivable to foster my the board abilities.

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