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Drinking among Koreans.

discuss the following:

Jay and Sue Kim, ages 29 and 26 years and married for 2 years, immigrated from South Korea and settled in Los Angeles. They have lived in a small one-bedroom apartment since their arrival. Both graduated from the same Korean university with baccalaureate degrees in English literature. They have one child, Joseph, age 1 year. When they arrived in the United States, Jay was unable to find a job because of his poor proficiency in English, despite his major in English literature. He eventually obtained a job with a moving company through a church friend. Sue is not working because of their son. Although the Kim’s did not attend a church before immigration, they are now regularly attending a Korean Protestant church in their neighborhood.

Sue is pregnant again, determined by a home pregnancy kit, with their second child and concerned about the medical costs. They did not use any contraceptives because she was breastfeeding. Because of financial limitations, Sue did not initially have prenatal care with her first pregnancy. However, she did keep up with the Korean traditional prenatal practice, tae-kyo. Eventually, she received help from her church and delivered a healthy son. She is not sure whether she can get financial help from her church again but is confident that her second child will be healthy if she follows the Korean traditional prenatal practices.

Jay is concerned about job security because he recently heard from colleagues that the moving company might soon go bankrupt. Although Jay has not been satisfied with his current job (he thinks that he is overqualified), this news is still a cause for concern. Moreover, Sue’s recent pregnancy has made Jay more stressed, and he has started drinking alcohol. Joseph cannot stand up by himself and still wants to be breastfed. Although Sue has tried to give foods such as oranges, apples, steamed rice, and milk (because she is now pregnant), Joseph refuses to eat them and cries for breastfeeding. Joseph’s weight is low-normal for same-age babies.

Describe the Korean cultural practice tae-kyo. Is this practice congruent with allopathic recommendations for prenatal care?
How do food choices among Koreans differ with pregnancy and postpartum?
Describe cultural attitudes toward drinking among Koreans.
Identify two or three culturally congruent strategies a healthcare provider might use to address Jay’s drinking.
should be at least 550 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 3 academic sources.

Sample Solution

n a qualitative study to determine learners’ perspectives on web-based learning conducted by Petrides (2002), participants stated that while replying in writing rather than verbally, they tended to think more deeply about the subject areas, showing that distance learning allowed for greater thought than face-to-face classroom discussion, allowing them to write carefully about their ideas. Flexibility with time is another area of strength of the online learning environment that has been identified by researchers (Petrides, 2002; Schrum, 2002). In Petride’s (2002) study, he reported that participants in an online course said it was easier to work in collaborative groups because there was no need to alter everyone’s schedule. Convenience is also an advantage reported in the online learning literature. Distance learning gives students more leisure time to do other things like being physically active because there is no time constraint by having to be in class at a certain location or a certain time. This can both be a good thing or a bad thing as the students can find more self-improvement, or this can be a form of distraction (Mangis, 2016). Distance Learning Amidst a Pandemic Due to the pandemic, distance learning has been abruptly implemented in full force, resulting in a slew of issues that have impacted the performance of students (Dubey P. & Pandey. D, 2020). Chung (2020) stated that one of the greatest challenges regarding distance learning is internet connectivity. In the Philippines, due to a lack of adequate infrastructure and access to technology, it has been questioned whether the country has been able to successfully implement technology for constructivist learning. Recent studies conducted in the Philippines have shown that the accessibility of resources will significantly impact the students’ distance learning journey and will widen the education gap (Villanueva & Nunez, 2020). Furthermore, some students from middle to low-income households or distant regions do not have internet access and d

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