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Drug abuse is a big problem in our society

Drug abuse is a big problem in our society – What do you think are some things that can be done to decrease this abuse?

What can you do in your role as a pharmacy technician to help decrease drug abuse?

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City in the mountains. In Alder City is where they built the Olympic village which consisted of 47 buildings and could hold 75,000. This is where journalists, athletes and Olympic workers would stay and the broadcasting station was also in the village. The village was located there so people were walking distance away from the venues in the Costal l cluster. It took Sochi, Russia $51 billion dollars total for the winter Olympic games when they planned to only spend $12 billion. The games had 2.1 billion people worldwide watched on the broadcast of the games. The Russian federation established a public transportation plan in Sochi. They prepared in 2009, 5 years before the winter Olympics. Other Sports/Events Held at Venue and Improvements/Changes Made Since 1952 Oslo Winter Games–Bislett Stadium Normally with these venues after their initial purpose which is for the Olympics they usually sit and rot and aren’t used much or at all. Surprisingly, the two different venues talked about in our paper have in fact been put to great use for years after the Olympics for numerous different events and sports. Starting with Bislett Stadium that was the main stadium used for the 1952 Olympics Games in Oslo. After the Olympics, Bislett Stadium hosted an annual track and field event in the IAAF Golden League that has been known as the Bislett Games since 1965. The venue has also hosted the Norwegian Athletics Championships 18 different times throughout the years. Most recently a club soccer tournament was hosted there in 2005 called the Royal League and was eventually used by clubs known as Manglerud Star Oslo in 2006 and also become home ground of Skeid in 2007. Now a Norway national rugby union team occasionally plays their matches at the stadium and the final of the rugby league cub was also played there in August 2012. Since the Olympics, Bislett Stadium has ended its speed skating venue production and has been demolished and rebuilt in 2005. The new Bislett Stadium meets international requirements for track and field events and has now met the national requirements for hosting football matches in the Norwegian Premier League. 2014 Winter Olympics–Sochi Olympic Park Now onto our second venue which was the main area for the 2014 Winter Olympics which was Sochi Olympic Park. Since the Olympics this venue has hosted a variety of different events considering it is a park with multiple facilities within. There have been skating events, world chess championships, Paralympic events, world robot Olympiad events, hockey league all-star games, international conventions, curling championships, music competitions, basketball league all-star games and world festival of youth and students events. The fact that this venue was able to host a variety of different events like this proves that this Olympic Park pretty much has everything on site that can be put to use to host a lot of these different events. Some other huge events this venue has hosted was the Formula One Russian Grand Prix i

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