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Dunkin Donuts Supply Chain Analysis

Create a diagram of the supply chain plan using one of the following tools:
o Excel

Write an 875-word analysis of the supply chain. Include the following:
o Value chain and flow of structure
o Inputs
o Outputs, including customer service structure
o Inventory points and forecasting
o Sourcing activities
o Risks
o Locations
o Logistics
This assignment is intended to help you build a supply chain plan/diagram for a new business by analyzing factors that affect sourcing, logistics, metrics, suppliers, and risk.

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is page of the essay has 3,397 words. Download the full version above. By virtue of their pre-care and care experiences, Care Leavers are deemed to be a disadvantaged group. National and local research provides evidence that outcomes for this group of young people are consistently poor on a number of fronts including; employment, educational attainment, homelessness, young parenthood, poverty, crime and mental health (DHSSPS 2007; DHSSPS 2004; DHSSPS 2006). In addressing these poor outcomes, the agency in which I am employed applies a model which is based upon trauma informed responsive reflective practice and resilience. The essay will explore the outcomes, challenges and ethical issues (with reference to two complex practice examples) involved in promoting choice, independence and empowerment. The literature aims to: • Examine relative literature in relation to Care Leavers • Critically reflect on and evaluate the Social Work Process for the service user and practitioner • Examine the outcomes, challenges and ethical issues involved in promoting choice, independence and empowerment of service users To structure my reflections, I will use a framework put forward by Schon [1992). By reflecting both on practice, i.e. after the event, and in practice, i.e. during the event Schon believes practitioners gain an in-depth understanding of the situation which aids critical reflection. Fook (2002) expands on this concept by describing reflection as ‘reflectivity’ (reflecting on practice) and reflexivity (reflecting in practice). The overall benefit of reflective practice is to learn from a given situation and to inform your future practice with the view of becoming a ‘critical practitioner’ (Adams et. al, 2002). As a Social Worker within the Voluntary sector, I do hold a legal mandate for intervention as enshrined in legislation. However, I do have a duty to ensure my work is governed by the legal framework to ensure the young people I work with are aware of their rights, their needs are met and they are safeguarded from harm. It is also important I have an understanding of the legislation to ensure the young people I support are receiving the best level of care/support and advocate on their behalf if there is a discrepancy. Whilst having a knowledge of legislation it is important it is also key to examine the wider political context. As a consequence of ‘Troubles’, Northern Ireland is an area of high social need and deprivation (Kenway et al, 2006). As a result, Duffy (2008) suggests, people of Northern Ireland live in a ‘socially deprived and ‘divided society’. As a consequence, there is a greater demand on and for services. Due to lack of resources and the quality of existing services, needs are not being met. In this environment it is therefore essential to have a legal framework which protects the rights and needs of vulnerable Care Leavers. Whilst there is legislation and policy in place in relatio

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