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Early adulthood.

Finding a partner is one of the most important things an individual focuses on during early adulthood. How do you think today’s lack of social contact is affecting this aspect of life? Explain social exchange theory of mate selection in your own words and include information about Bowlby’s attachment theory.

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n response to the critique, paternalism would give the parent or guardian the power to decide on whether to allow their under 16 child take caffeinated energy drink or not (Holland, 2014). However, it is understandable that this does interfere with the child’s ability to make their own autonomous decision on whether they want to take these beverages or not because their legal guardian has the final decision to make for them. For example, due to the negative health impacts of CEDs, it is in the parent’s best interest to ensure that the under 16-year-old child does not take these beverages. Parents have the right to make decisions regarding the health of the under 16 children, but in the case where the child wants to take these beverages. This is when paternalism comes in because the parent has the right to protect their child’s health and make decisions in that regard, especially due to the fact that the child is young and is not mature enough to make important decisions especially regarding their health. Therefore, the parent would use paternalistic approach to coerce the under 16 children into not taking caffeinated energy drinks. Using the Deontologist theory which is a non- consequentialist ethical theory that believes that an action is considered morally good based on the action itself and its characteristics and not necessarily because the action is good (Holland, 2015). This principle insists on the idea that some actions must be acted on or avoided, and a person must fulfil their moral obligation despite the outcome of that action (Holland, 2015). Regarding the morality behind sale of Caffeinated Energy Drinks to persons under the age of 16, as long as efforts are being made and the goal is to minimize sale of CEDs and reduce rate of obesity and other health conditions associated with consumption of these beverages. The moral duty is being fulfilled by curbing the potential consequences of persons under 16 consumption of the beverages maybe. Therefore, this action does not cause any form of harm to the persons involved and at the same time they are not treated as a means to an end. For instance, in the case of a mother and her child that is under 16 years of age, it would in the mother’s best interest and also it is her duty to protect her child from actions that could cause harm. In this situation, these age group may not have fully developed the cognitive ability to make healthy and unhealthy choices regarding the consumption of these beverages. Therefore, in this situation, it is the duty of the parent to provide her child with the required knowledge to make healthy and informed choices regarding consumption of caffeinated energy drinks, which in turn would ulti

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