Econ research paper

Econ research paper

full explanatory instructions for the given assignment. as you might notice the instructor gives great deal for style and citation which you can find an example of in

the attachment. link provided contain course material which might be helpful to you. Please note that the assignment is

Professor John flail American Economic History EC456/556
Learning Opportunities #2 and #3 involve composing a research paper focused around a thesis, and that is developed through an argument based upon cited sources.
Research papers of quality are not typically Written in one shot More typically, ideas are written down and coarsely developed with the first shot. Then, ideas are

refined, further refined, and then refined even more in subsequent drafts. Our approach accepts the notion that with refinemerit original ideas move steadily toward a

high level of clarity, reflecting what it is the author is trying to communicate. Considering our time constraints in this ten-week course, we shall proceed with

composing a research paper as a two shot exercise, with its arguments based upon literature cited,
Learn in Opportunity #2 is also known as your “first draft” and this is due by 5 p.m. on Monday, 24 Nov., and under my office door (01241-P). This draft is worth a

potential 25 points. The grading metric will consider content and style, each as 12.5 points. Since I have to proceed with grading after Monday the 24th. then five

points will be subtracted for each day that papers are turned in late.
Learning Opportunity #3 is also know as your ‘second and Final draft is due by 5:00 pim.. on Thursday, 11 Dec of final exam
First Draft needs to include an outline page that includes your title, thesis sentence, your opening sentence• then headings of two to three parts, and conclusionr

than a fine noting Bibliography. This outline page is worth 7 points toward content.
For this course, your cited research paper needs to have a thesis. Tour topic and thesis should be of some importance to you. People tend to take an interest in your

research if you believe in its importance, Best if your thesis is verbally run by me, and also approved and improved, if need be. if you need assistance. you will need

to speak with me during office hours. I hold four hours each week, Consider speaking with me for at Jean ten good minutes, if you can work well on your own, five

minutes could suffice. If you need more assistance, please then make use of my office houirs_
AFTER the OUTLINE PAGE comes Page 1 of your first draft, and the opening sentence appears as a variant of your thesis sentence. Then you proceed with an Introduction.


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