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Economic law

Spud Co. is a dealer in potatoes. Chip Co. makes potato chips. On Monday, Jan. 1st, Spud and Chip enter into a contract in which Spud agrees to deliver 100 bushels of potatoes to Chip on Friday, Jan. 5th; Chip paid Spud $2.00 per bushel on Monday, Jan. 1st.
Spud’s cost of growing and delivering potatoes = $100
Chip’s cost of converting potatoes into chips = $100, $27 of which must be spent on Friday morning before the potatoes are delivered and which cannot be recovered if no potatoes arrive.
If no potatoes arrive on Friday, Chip must wait until Monday Jan. 8th to call around to alternative suppliers to purchase potatoes. The price of potatoes on this “spot” market is $3.00 per bushel. The price of potato chips is $4.00 per bushel.
Variation 1: Assume for this variation that Chip paid for the potatoes at the time the contract was signed. Just before delivering the potatoes to Chip at noon on Friday Jan. 5th, Spud receives a frantic phone call from Babette, the chef at Chez Babette. She has discovered that the potatoes she bought from someone else are rotten and she needs 100 bushels immediately to make her famous vichyssoise (a fancy name for cold potato soup) that weekend. She is willing to pay $5.00 per bushel as she cannot wait till Monday Jan. 8th to buy potatoes on the spot market.

a. Is breach socially efficient? Explain.
b. Under what measures of damages (expectation, reliance, restitution) will Spud made the socially efficient decision to perform or breach? Explain.

Sample Solution

What is Anhedonia? GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination free definition article sampleThough despondency is an extreme mental ailment, rather regularly individuals utilize the expression "melancholy" to portray a furious state of mind. They additionally will in general comprehend melancholy as the absence of positive feelings, or a powerlessness to feel euphoric. In any case, by doing this, they substitute discouragement for one of its side effects, which is called anhedonia. The expression "anhedonia" originates from the Greek words a-(which signifies "not," "without"), and hedone ("joy"). Thus, the most broad definition dependent on historical background would let us characterize anhedonia as the nonattendance of delight. Be that as it may, this marvel is progressively muddled. As indicated by the Merriam-Webster Online word reference, anhedonia is an individual's failure to feel joy from exercises that normally delivers it. It doesn't mean an individual, for instance, delighted in playing football, and afterward lost enthusiasm for this action and changed to something different. An individual with anhedonia actually can't feel joy or happiness from what they like to do. In its turn, this may prompt increasingly genuine outcomes, since anhedonia breaks the improvements reward system. Maybe a progressively exact definition would bring up that anhedonia doesn't let an individual vibe delight from ordinarily agreeable exercises. This implies an individual doesn't feel energetic about a particular leisure activity, yet about everything that is generally viewed as pleasant: sex, music, humor, social correspondence and collaboration, etc. For instance, a mother with anhedonia could feel that playing with her youngster doesn't satisfy her ( One more definition guesses that anhedonia doesn't really mean one's ineptitude of satisfaction and bliss. Rather, it expect anhedonistic individuals can't support their positive feelings about specific occasions that cause them (Psychology Today). From this perspective, anhedonia is portrayed by the triviality of positive feelings. For instance, in the event that an anhedoniac individual had a sentimental night and, at that point kissed their enthusiasm just because, the pleasure from this occasion would be powerless, and would last just for several minutes. Be that as it may, by and by I would scrutinize this definition, as people have changing degrees of seriousness with regards to passionate responses. In view of the material recorded above, anhedonia can be characterized as a side effect of sadness that is described by a person's powerlessness to feel joy from their interests, or exercises that are generally viewed as blissful, (for example, correspondence, sex, playing with their youngsters, etc). In spite of the fact that there exist definitions that mark anhedonia as a diminished maintainability of constructive sentiments, I would differ with it, as individuals don't have similar degrees of seriousness of their enthusiastic responses; as indicated by this definition, the individuals who feel shallow euphoria rather than full-scale joy could be considered anhedoniac. Anhedonia is anything but difficult to mistake for discouragement, yet these two terms are extraordinary. References Brynie, Faith. "Misery and Anhedonia." Psychology Today. N.p., 21 Dec. 2009. Web. 01 Apr. 2014. . "Meaning of Anhedonia." N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Apr. 2014.

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