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Ehlen v. Melvin. 2. Saban v Dees. 3. Marder v. Lopez.

Review the case entitled Ehlen v. Melvin. What is the issue that the court addressed here? Explain the rule that the court used to resolve the issue. Then apply the facts in the case to that rule and finally, draw your conclusion for the case. You do not have to agree with the court so long as you back up your analysis. You must write using IRAC.

  1. Review Ethics Case. Answer the following questions:
    a. Does Saban owe an ethical duty to pay Dees more money now that the Power Rangers is a successful brand?
    b. Is Dees bound by the contract?
  2. Review the case of Marder v. Lopez (the Flash dance case) . Using IRAC, what is the issue in this case? What rule does the court apply here? Apply the facts in that case to the rule that you set forth. Finally, come to a conclusion regarding the issue set forth in the case.

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would always need to be learned. The problems found with symbols with applied meaning is that of universality, and also that the same society in the future may not understand. How can a symbol be universal if nobody can understand it but those who have learned? With the biohazard symbol (fig.), it is abstract, not built upon to represent anything pictographically or suggest anything ideographically. This is why the reader cannot rely on set information by the author, symbols need to be interpretive to allow for different cultures and changes in society. Commonality can be found through shared origins. We may share ideal ways of representation through our ancient ancestors and the way in which they recorded and read signs and symbols in the natural world. Also because of convergent evolution, similar species predictably evolve in certain environments and with certain food sources, and so people around the world potentially recognise the same signs. Research into our primal selves and the way we read could help us develop more universal symbols. This also suggests that it could contribute to communicating with other intelligent life in the universe. Within this extended essay the research concludes directions and considerations that contribute in helping to develop a universal pictorial language. From not applying meaning but using it and relying on people’s interpretation to understand a symbol. Using mathematics and code with image can communicate universally to a point, but the reader needs to know these things beforehand. There are many things that could help develop such a language, but it is difficult to resolve as symbols would need to be tried and tested. A psychologist like Otto Neurath would contribute greatly to the way people understand signs and symbols, but for a universal language for all, it would need more. If humanity

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