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Elements of a health communication strategy in a real-world application.

consider elements of a health communication strategy in a real-world application. You will review the resources in the prompt and consider the questions posed as they relate to health communication principles.

Does each picture address a different defined audience or would each image appeal to the general audience?

Is the marketing strategy effective at reaching the defined audience? Why or why not?

Do you think this information should be communicated through a different media channel? Why or why not?

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strong need for a SBM in our school so he/she can manage the additional responsibilities the heads and deputy have undertaken, to ensure their time is dedicated to high standard of teaching and learning, not dealing with certain staff issues or the day-to-day budget, this will also enable more productivity from all resources through better management, a SBM would play an important strategic role in implementing best value by making the most of school resources in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, so more is available for the school’s core activities. 1.4 Own Professional role and relationship with staff and SLT: My school works very closely with both stakeholders internal and external, acknowledges and actively monitors the concerns raised and takes their interests appropriately into account in decision-making however, from a business point of view I believe our external stakeholder group are more influential as some like the governors determine the schools budget, staffing structure and when required appoint Headteachers. LA monitors the performance of maintained schools in its area and ensures all improvement necessary, is carried out effectively and expeditiously. My role consists of daily involvement with our internal stakeholders, I believe stakeholder engagement is vital to the success and improvement in a school, I issue weekly newsletters to parents with school activity updates, arrange weekly staff meetings and assemblies for pupils, this is to ensure internal stakeholders are kept informed and the school is securing the community’s obdurate support. “Community-engagement strategies are also widely considered central to successful school improvement by many individuals and organizations that work with public schools” (Great School Partnership, 2014:1) As an admin officer reporting to the office manager, my role consists of: undertaking all office administration including weekly HR returns. As a recent member of the admin team I have developed exceptional working relationships with my colleagues and leadership team. My work experience and corporate b

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