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Environmental Influences

A person’s environment living plays a significant role in one’s daily life. In today’s challenging social climate, it
is imperative for social work practitioners to understand the impact of a person’s environment in relation to their
overall well-being. Practitioners are instrumental in helping their clients address complex issues that are a
result of economic policies, as well as other policies, that may have a negative impact on them. When assisting
clients, social workers must be knowledgeable of the multifaceted nature of the problems clients may
experience. These problems can be complex environmental factors including politics, economics, and biology.
For this discussion, you will provide an analysis of your community and the environmental influences by
answering the questions below.
What are the environmental influences within your community?
Please provide a brief description and upload a minimum of three pictures of your community to include
demographics of the population and community resources. Are there resources needed?
What are the factors that may hinder obtaining needed resources?
Include in your responses thoughtful suggestions and/or questions of community resources to assist in
possible improvement. Your responses should be well-developed, with clear answers and evidence of critical

Sample Solution

In conclusion, the results themselves show that the majority of people do not take symptoms seriously and would only know about a certain disease when it is too late. It also shows that Tuberculosis, as tragic as it can be, is not known by many teenagers and adults. This means that people are not aware of Tuberculosis and would certainly mistake it with other diseases. This would lead to them not taking the right precautions, which would probably put their life in danger if they do not visit a doctor or are not consulted by someone fast enough. The importance of this research comes from the fact that by raising awareness, hundreds of thousands of lives would be saved every year, and people diagnosed with the disease will try to take more caution when being among others. This by itself would contribute to help in eradicating this disease which is indeed one of the many goals of the World Health Organization and other health related groups around the world. Knowing that Tuberculosis is a life-threatening disease displays the necessity of raising awareness about this matter. I believe that the best way in doing so is by making Tuberculosis campaigns all around the country, which aim at increasing the people’s knowledge about this disease. Another way would be to show information about this disease on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. In my opinion, It is really necessary for schools to put together lectures every once in a while for students and teachers in order to make them aware of the danger of Tuberculosis. This will also mean that the students who attend the lecture will make sure that their parents and siblings will also know about the Tuberculosis disease. Finally, by raising awareness about Tuberculosis, we can surely help in fully eliminating this deadly disease.

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