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When working with clients/students it is important that we as counselors are purposeful with our words, use of skills, use of techniques, and our exhibited behaviors. Theory is what helps to guide how we conceptualize client situations and work with our clients and students.
Each week, we will introduce you to a small handful of different theoretical approaches. For each weekly assignment (weeks 1-4) you will be provided a case scenario. You will also be offered the opportunity to choose which theoretical approach (covered in class that week) to apply to the case scenario.
Make sure to fully respond to each question and to use the rubric to guide your writing (the rubric is used to determine your grade). Your assignments should be written in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines and contain two professional sources (your text-book may count as one of your resources). Although there is no minimum page length requirement for this assignment, you will likely write a minimum of five pages to full address all of the prompts. See the assignment template to help you organize your writing.

1) Presenting Concern/s:
a. Identify which of this week’s theoretical approaches you will use to conceptualize the case and why.
b. What do you see as the client’s presenting concerns/basic conflicts?
c. Based upon the concerns you identified, discuss which you would address first and why based upon the theoretical approach.
2) One Central Concept of the Approach:
a. Identify one central concepts of the approach (other than any you previously used to answer the above question) and describe the central concept.
b. Explain how the central concept is relevant to working with the client or understanding the case.
3) One Technique:
a. Identify one strategy or technique you could use with the client and describe the strategy or technique. How would you implement this strategy or technique.
b. Discuss why you chose the technique for use with this client.
c. Clarification Note: In your last assignment, I clarified what is considered to be a counseling approach as well as a central concept. Now you are being introduced to the term techniques. Techniques in counseling are formal strategies, often associated with specific theories, in which you may use to assist your clients grow and make changes. For example, if you selected Gestalt therapy as your approach this week, one central concept of the approach is helping client resolve unfinished business. One strategy (a.k.a., technique) you might use to do that could be an empty chair technique (for example, a client with unfinished business with their deceased father may benefit from the empty chair technique to help them resolve their unfinished business).
4) Strengths and Limitations:
a. Analyze one strength of the approach for working with the client.
b. Analyze one weakness of the approach for working with the client.
5) Reflection:
a. Provide at least one example of how you could apply any strategy, technique, or concept of this theoretical approach to an area of your life to learn something about yourself personally. Also, explain what you learned.
b. What challenges did you encounter when attempting to apply an aspect of this theoretical approach to your life? Provide at least one example.
c. Did you notice any cultural limitations/obstacles to applying this approach to your life? Describe the cultural limitation or explain how the approach is culturally responsive.

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