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Essay on Metaphysics Article


Value: 40% of final grade.
Write an essay of approximately 1700-1900 words on one of the following topics (The articles from my textbook have been given to me and I will scan and upload them both for you to have access too):

  1. Harry Frankfurt contrasts a person who has free will with one who is what he calls a “wanton.” What is the contrast he draws? Discuss at least one example of Frankfurt’soffered to illustrate this difference. Is his case for this difference being what matters — “indeed all the freedom it is possible to desire or to conceive”(92) — regarding free will adequate? Critically assess.
  2. Daniel Dennett discusses the threat to free will, or at least responsible/accountable action, posed by cases where a mental state is caused (even “implanted”) in various ways which bypass or subvert a person’s rational capabilities. What does he conclude regarding these cases and what we should conclude regarding them? Critically assess Dennett’s reasoning regarding at least two such examples and his treatment of them.

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