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Ethical issues

A 24-year-old Pakistani immigrant woman has given birth to a healthy boy. She expresses sadness that her family cannot be there to see him. The nurse is confused about why the mother is not happy.
a. What is the cultural context of her sadness?
b. What can the nurse do to assist her?

A 55-year-old man is hospitalized for an opportunistic infection and asks for his partner to be with him overnight. He stated that previous hospitals did not allow his partner to visit and that is why he chose your hospital.

a. What are the ethical issues and what framework would you use to analyze the situation?
b. Describe the research that may support the request.

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Therefore, literature suggest that one of the most powerful promises offered by technology is that learning will become more engaging. For example, Black (2008) and Ito et al (2008) suggest that interactivity of new media technologies provide a number of capabilities to enhance education. In fact, this is why drill and practice games , such as typing tutors can tempt children to learn content that they might otherwise consider ‘boring’. Studies completed by Collette Daiute (1985) demonstrates that children using word processors write better, because they can read their typed words, while they cannot read easily their own hand writing. Hence they receive instant feedback on their work, which they can easily modify using a word processor. Other research finds that students learn more when they use technology to create new content themselves, rather than just being the receivers of material designed by others. A number of studies have found that students demonstrate stronger engagement, self-efficacy, attitudes toward school, and skill development when they are involved in creating own projects, such as creating reports, Power point presentation or video productions (Figg and Mchartney 2010; Elam et al 2012). Vygotsky’s and Bandura’s theories provide educators with guidance on how to use technology in teaching and learning. . Learning occurs within a social environment, and technology can be used to facilitate social interaction and communication among learners in class, within a school, between schools and around the world (Eady and Lockyer 2013). Collaboration is also deep-rooted in Vygotsky’s theory of learning. He believed that in group-based learning there is a natural social nature of learning .Vygotsky proposed the notion of the zone of proximal development, which in essence is the difference between a learner’s independent ability and what can be accomplished cognitively with guided support from others who are more knowledgeable. This means that teachers have an important role in facilitating and scaffolding collaborative learn

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