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Ethics and Values in Healthcare

Conduct an Internet search to find cases where an organization or individual has been penalized for improperly accessing patient information. There have been several cases of protected health information (PHI) breaches of celebrities and other high-profile individuals. Once you have completed your search and identified some examples of breaches, share your findings with the class as well as the penalties for the PHI breaches.

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other societies. If we found commonality between how we understand shapes and signs, it would be integral to designing a universal language. fig.10 Blissymbolic Symbols (Bliss.C, 1949). fig.11 Wavy Line uses (Holmes.N, 2017). fig.12 Author, date, titel, pg54. Pictorial signs from four ancient cultures compared. The biohazard symbol (fig.11) that we use today was developed in 1966. Although designed to be memorable, Charles Baldwin, who helped develop the symbol, said that “We wanted something that was memorable but meaningless, so we could educate people as to what it means.” (Baldwin. C, 1967). The biohazard symbol needs to be understood thousands of years from now to protect future humans from danger. If Baldwin knew when working on the symbol that it needed to be learned by the reader from the author, then if society changed and the record of the symbol was lost, would we understand it? The biohazard symbol is unique in it’s design compared to other cautionary symbols, (fig.16) but with no prior learning it would not be understood or communicate enough information effectively. fig.11 Biohazard Symbol (Baldwin.C, 1967). fig.12 GHS (Global Harmonised Symbols) Interpretation is a radical strategy for conserving an old text, which is thought too precious to repudiate, by revamping it. The interpreter, without actually erasing or rewriting the text, is altering it. But he can’t admit to doing this. He claims to be only making it intelligible, by disclosing its true meaning. (Sontag.S, 1966. pg.3) If a pictorial language demands it’s reader to understand only the true meaning of something, then it does not behave like a language and it’s reader. A reader only perceives through their own interpretation and relating their human experience and associations to that material. (Barthes.R). In the instance of water represented a

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