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Ethics in Advertising

Select three advertisements from three different countries using traditional advertising venues and Internet advertising venues. Assess how culture and ethics influence understanding the ad from each country. Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post

Sample Solution

common debate is, these isolated relationships created the way she was perceived by the public and subsequently led to “the inevitable death of Desdemona”. The first insight into the character of Desdemona is given by Shakespeare in the opening act of the play, where he reflects on her relationship with Brabantio, her father. This is an important detail that allows to better understand Desdemona’s personality as the role of family in shaping an individual is immense in the Shakespearean society. Whilst many literary critics tend to mitigate the significance of this action claiming Desdemona’s utter naiveness and innocence, the play begins with a treason, which is illustrative of Desdemona’s deceitful nature. As explained by professor Marienstrass, “treachery and infidelity still have such profound symbolic meaning in the sixteenth century: they reveal that man’s obligation towards God may be broken, that it is not necessarily the basis of existence”. Hence, Desdemona’s acceptance of Othello’s pursuit, let alone the fact she married him without acknowledging Brabantio of this is a deed against parental honor, a deplorable in Elizabethan era misconduct. This is especially relevant as Desdemona is Brabantio’s only child, so she is indicative of his parental fulfillment. Brabantio is afflicted by it: “For your sake, jewel, /I am glad at soul I have no other child,/ For thy scape would teach me tyranny.” (I, iii, 193-5) Additionally, this is exacerbated by the fact Brabantio is widowed, hence does not have anyone to part his despair with in order to overcome it, as well as it delineates the extent of Desdemona’s traitorousness — she was his closest person: “Poor Desdemona, I am glad thy father’s dead: / Thy match was mortal to him, and poor grief / Shore his old thread in twain.” (V, ii, 202-5). The accumulation of these facts present Desdemona as a character that lacks loyalty and is able to deceive even the immediate relatives, which is exploited by Iago in order to plant doubts into Othello’s head. Therefore, Desdemona’s betrayal of her father — a deliberate action — ends up contributing to her death, thus delineating her responsibility for her own actions.

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