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Choose an event held/a place at your own home in which you will observe. For example, you can pick one of the family or friend gatherings that you are part of this week. Or you can pick an ordinary dinner time or an evening time at your home. Since this week includes New Year’s Day, you can observe what your family members are doing on New Year’s Day or the New Year’s Eve. New Year celebration is very important in Japan but I did not realize how that is a very important part of me as someone who grew up in Japan. We have special things to do, special places to visit, and special food to cook and eat with people who are special to us. Now I miss Japanese New Year and feel like there is a big empty spot in my life. This is not something that other people can easily understand.
Going back to your fieldnote from last week as well as your 1st Ethnographic Investigation paper. Review your work analytically and identify useful things that you have in them for your second attempt.
Going into the field. Observe and take notes about what is happening and what people are doing for 30 to 60 minutes at the occasion that you have chosen.
After coming back to your desk, reviewing your fieldnote. What information do you have in your fieldnote? Remember, anthropologists try to understand culture holistically. If you have observed your family dinner, for example, small things like kinds of dishes on the table and how they are cooked or the way that people seat at the table and even how people dress may signify your family’s cultural identity.
A description of your fieldwork (Where, When, What, Who)
What you observed
What you did
What you learned from this fieldwork
A thoughtful reflection of your second fieldwork experience
The differences between your first attempt and your second attempt
Two things that you would like to learn more about your research subject

Sample Solution

indicated in many Quran text and prophetic novel. In nineteenth century after industrial revolution growth the emergence in importance of business administration which led amplify of individual investment size and small companies to double the capital which needed to finance them. A large institution has applied the concept of business administration regulations established to format and design work in chambers. This report focuses on business management which is third function of administration. The basic objective of this report to demonstrate knowledge and understanding the key factors affecting leading and managing people. It introduces a philosophy of leading and managing concept by managing organizational change as an important factor. Managing organizational change chosen as discussion topic. The report explains the relationship between chosen topic and organization success. Managing and leading are two words frequently used when speaking about organization, culture and effectiveness. Is an important skill in today’s business world, without strong leadership and management skills many good businesses be unsuccessful. 2.Leading and Managing People Leadership and management are two diverse but balancing systems of action. Both are needed in order to accomplish the organization’s objectives and so cannot have one without the other. It’s difficult to defining management without shifting the nature of definitions and connection of managerial practices with existence of managerial class. Managing and leading are two words frequently used when speaking about organization, culture and effectiveness. Some people see a leadership as part of management. Leadership is the ability to motivate groups of people towards a common goal. A leader always has their eye on the horizon, whereas a manager watching the bottom line. There are many elements that make a good manager, however one of the critical qualities is leadership. Leadership and management must go hand in hand, but they are not same thing. Leadership and management are complementary

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