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researcher uses the literature review to collect more information about the research topic and to find relevant research methods or a new conceptual framework. 2.2. Literature and concepts review Nah (2012) finds that there are scientific elements or horror elements at the center of the visual imagery in films. This study is not just focused on the fantasy narrative but on the imagery of the fantasy work. He looks at the fantasy images among internationally popular films and finds there are common themes presented in different ways. He says that the fantasy image is revealed through reality reconstruction, symbolism, desire, and deconstruction and transformation. Fantasy is often created when figurative expressions take literal meanings. Kotarba (2003) examines the plot of the first Harry Potter book and finds that the narrative is not original and that there are many children’s books with the same story but different characters. Something incredible is the unusual length of books that children read. There are more than 800 pages in some novels. This suggests that the books have a great effect on the reading ability of children by capturing their imaginations. Sales of the Harry Potter books show that the series never diminished in effectiveness. The popularity of books has continued since their first publication. Kotarba explores the Harry Potter phenomenon with his students. He compares the Harry Potter series with a similar book of fantasy to find if they are linked or not. For example: there are many books that feature mysterious wizards flying brooms and brave young adventurers. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone serves as an introduction to the series of The Lord of the Rings. Another children’s fantasy tale, Narnia, is about a group of kids who enter a hidden world behind their closet. Alice in Wonderland is about a girl who finds a magical world down a rabbit hole. There is a common theme in many fantasy books that involves the main characters in fighting the forces of evil. Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone has this concept. Furthermore, Kotarba explores the Harry Potter phenomenon of books and movies with his students to see if any of the magical illusions in the stories can be explained scientifically. Hefinds that some of the story events do have a basis in science. For example, the giant creatures found in the book, such as Hagrid, Harry Potter’s Friend, was a giant because his mother was a giantess, and that shows us that we inherit genes from our parents that can affect our size. Each creature is controlled by these genes, and monsters result when the normal process of cell division is deviated from. He also discusses the story’s impa

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