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Exercise and Nutrition

Nutrition plays an essential role in supporting fitness and exercise. If you increase your level of physical activity, your need for nutrients and calories will also increase. In addition, the foods you eat before and after you exercise will have an impact on your performance during the physical activity and on your recovery afterward.
Perform some library research, and in a 2-3 page paper written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, address the following:
Describe the importance of pre- and post-exercise nutrition choices. Provide examples of foods that are appropriate selections for each category.
Explain how foods and nutrients (including fluids and electrolytes) help improve a person’s performance during physical activity and their recovery afterward.
Consider your responses to items 1 and 2 above, and suggest an appropriate nutritional plan for a physically active person. Be sure to explain what the person should consume in an average day to support their caloric and nutritional needs.

Sample Solution

Everyone is supposedly entitled to their own opinions and actions, therefore there is no universally accepted law to decide whether an opinion or action is ethical. However there are frameworks to put borders in place of what is ethical (, 2019). Utilitarianism is one of these frameworks or principles, which is to maximise happiness and that an action is deemed good if it leads to a good consequence (The Conversation, 2019). This is related to the issue of same sex marriage as both the happiness of same sex couples and those opposing their marriage must be taken into account. Same sex `couples would gain direct benefit as they could live their lives like any other couple whereas those opposing it would only experience indirect harm (The Conversation, 2019). Another principle is virtue, an ethic than is not concerned with an action or consequence, but whether or not a person is a good person. A virtuous person embodies love, generosity and respect so in the ethical issue, a virtuous person should support same sex marriage as it is two people who love each other. Along with the ethical principles, there are ethical views. Such as religious views and scientific views. Many religions such as Christianity and Islam have negative opinions regarding same sex marriage (Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project, 2019). People who are apart of these religions say it is offensive to their beliefs to allow homosexuals to marry however the argument opposing this is that it doesn’t affect them directly like it does to people being denied marriage. Scientific views are based on science and there has not been any evidence that homosexuality is a disease or genetic disorder as claimed by those against homosexual marriage, instead they recognise it as a sexual orientation (ScienceDaily, 2019). Therefore all arguments that claim it is a disease or disorder are false as of now and hold no credibility regarding a scientific view. The issue of same sex marriage has affected many peop

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