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Experienced an accident at one of your sites

Construction sites are full of moving equipment and workers; forklifts carrying material; dump trucks hauling dirt off-site; backhoes, loaders, and excavators moving dirt from one spot to another; and supervisors’ pickup trucks, golf carts, and utility vehicles moving around. Have you ever experienced an accident at one of your sites involving moving equipment? If you have, describe (without any specifics) the general causes of the accident. What could be some ways to avoid these types of accidents? What type of plan would you come up with to avoid these types of accidents? Would you develop an internal traffic control plan, and do you think it would be effective?

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The crucial meaning of the option to water for a human existence is additionally shown in Article 24 of the Convention on the Right of the Child, "the right of the kid to the delight in the best quality of wellbeing" through reasonable strategies for the battle of sickness " through [… ] the arrangement of sufficient [… ] clean drinking water." Despite the fact that the meaning of satisfactory measure of water for the satisfaction of the option to water might contrast relying upon the circumstance and condition State, the reality stays that regardless of circumstance; water should be made accessible, should be of adequate quality and should be achievable. The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (hereafter alluded to as CESCR) has obviously characterized that concerning the availability of water, it should be made accessible sans segregation as well as financially and actually achievable. Concerning victimization the availability to water, General Comment No 15 has explicitly expressed that all water amneties as well as administrations should be made achievable to all people, particularly to the "most helpless or minimized segments of the poppulation" with severe restriction on separation. Moreover, Contracting States owe an obligation to its residents for the counteraction any unfair treatment on all universally restricted warrant in measures connecting with water and its ministrations. In its endeavor to clarify the right to wellbeing, the CESCR expected a homogenous meaning of the term openness by supporting that a causal component of wellbeing like consumable water, is expected to be available to all people, dominatingly for "the most defenseless or underestimated segments of the populace [… ] inside safe actual reach for all segments of the populace [and] reasonable for all." Mr. Paul Hunt makes sense of that for the full satisfaction in the most noteworthy available level of physical and emotional wellness, there should be made accessible all essential causal components connected with wellbeing including wellbeing conveniences, wares as well as offices. By examining the relations of water to one side to wellbeing, it should be featured that physcial attainable quality requires that "water, and sufficient water offices and administrations, should be inside safe actual reach for all segments of the poppulation" . Water that is harmless in nature, sufficient and OK should be reachable inside or in quick vicinity of "every family, instructive foundation and work environment". Based on monetary feasibility, it is fundamental that that admittance to arrangements for water and its administrations should be made sensibly evaluated for all. The CESCR has plainly portrayed that any settlement for water administrations should be on the premise on "the standard of value", with the assurance that the said administrations, whether it be public or secretly outfitted, should be made financially acessible to all with the incorporation of "socially hindered gatherings". Also, the CESCR proceeded to determine that "the immediate and backhanded expenses and accuses related of getting water should be reasonable, and should not think twice about compromise the acknowledgment of other Covenant privileges" .

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