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Exposure Draft: Proposed new accounting standard

Use one of the links found on the Exposure Draft/Recent Standard Presentation Assignment page under Exposure Draft/Recent Standard Presentation
Resources to select a current exposure draft for your presentation.
Exposure Draft/Recent Standard Presentation Resources
• Financial Accounting Standards Board (Links to an external site.)
• IFRS (Links to an external site.)
Then, search for journal articles in professional, peer-reviewed accounting and business journals that relate to the selected current exposure draft. Use the
electronic databases provided by the Liberty University Library and other sources.
Your PowerPoint presentation must contain the following information:

  1. Summarize the main points of the current exposure draft.
  2. Compare/contrast with current theory/standards.
  3. Compare and contrast U.S. GAAP and IFRS in respect to the exposure draft topic.
  4. Research the need for the new standard/amendment (include pros and cons).
  5. Evaluate the exposure draft’s provisions in light of the conceptual framework (include qualitative characteristics of useful information).
  6. Develop a logical, well-articulated response to the exposure draft (for or against). Propose changes/corrections that you feel are needed.
    The presentation must have an attractive layout. Each slide must present the information using clear, concise bullet points as well as utilize the notes
    section. Items to include are outlined as follows:
    • Minimum of 7 slides, and a reference slide must be included in the presentation
    • APA Format
    • At least 5 citations; in addition, you will provide a biblical application for the subject matter of the case.
    • Presentation meets all of the following criteria: Clear and concise bullet points from the paper, Details in the notes sections, Summarizes content
    • Your sources should be recent, peer-reviewed articles, relevant to the content/topic. Acceptable sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, FASB
    Codification, the textbook, and the Bible.

Sample Solution

Teamwork plays an essential role within both Fiedler’s Contingency Theory and Chelladurai’s Multi-dimensional model particularly regarding leader-member relations, if the group are familiar and trusting of the leader policy implementation becomes much simpler. Similarly to leadership, understanding and adapting to the situation is key to a leader being able to implement policies that ensure a group work as a team. Teamwork is a product of good leadership, and is again the responsibility of the leader to ensure the group are working successfully together. Highly functioning teams are essential within organisations to increase productivity and member satisfaction, by utilising the talents of all group members effectively within the constraints of the task, personal relationships and the group goals (Pettinger, 2007). Figure 2: Tuckman’s Model of Group Development (Agile Scrum Guide, 2019) Tuckman in his Model of Group Development provides easily identifiable stages that a groups performance can be measured against, making it useful for monitoring performance, Figure 2 shows Tuckman’s model. Ranking group performance against this scale can provide leaders with a clear understanding of how the group are functioning, allowing them to implement policies to change this if performance is unsatisfactory (Pettinger, 2007). Within organisations, the theory can be loosely applied to creating teams by grouping familiar individuals with the aim that they will reach the norming and performing stage of the model quicker. For short and simple tasks this is an extremely effective way of organising groups, due to the increased short term productivity. However there are significant issues with grouping individuals in this manner, particularly when tasks become more complex, and ultimately the model should mainly be used for monitoring the progress of groups (Pettinger, 2007). Figure 3: Belbin’s Team Roles (PrePearl Training Development, 2019) A more functional approach of grouping individuals is to utilise Belbin’s Team Theory (Belbin, 2017). Belbin identifies 9 key roles that must be fulfilled within a group to ensure success, the role

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