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External and internal morphological adaptations of fishes in general

Synthesize in two to three pages the external and internal morphological adaptations of fishes in general and of Carassius auratus, Poecilia sphenops and P. reticulata in relation to their habitats and behaviors a

● Body shape and coloration

● Mouth type, position, size, teeth type

● Anatomy of the fins (size, shape)

● Digestive systems (length of the intestines, carnivores, omnivores, herbivores)

● Types of behaviors

● Freshwater vs. salt-water habitats

2) In a couple of paragraphs, describe the site where your investigation takes place. Name the location and describe the mesocosm (e.g., fish tank size, water temperature) where fish are located. Annotate as many descriptive details as possible, including the number of species in the tank, estimate number for fish, any information on abiotic factors such as visibility, salinity, alkalinity, etc.). This information is helpful for discussion later.

Comet Goldfish (10)

Carassius auratus

Balloon Mollies (10)

Poecilia sphenops

Common Guppies (10)

P. reticulata

Tank 1

  • 75 gallons
  • Approximately 20 guppies, 5 mollies
  • Guppies were about 0.5-1 inch long, Balloon mollies were 2 inches long
  • Clear visibility
  • Salinity: Freshwater 0.10 ppt
  • 4 ft long tank
  • Room temperature 75 F

Tank 2

  • 35 gallons
  • Approximately 40 guppies, 5 baby Balloon mollies,
  • Baby mollies were about 0.25-0.50 inches long
  • Clear visibility
  • Salinity: Freshwater 0.10 ppt
  • Tank was 30 inches long
  • 75 degrees f

Tank 3

  • Pond
  • 2,000 gallons, 16 x 16 feet
  • Area goldfish were analyzed was about 30 inches long
  • 40 Comet goldfish, 2 African cichlids, 2 Bristle nose plecos, 20 Otocinclus catfish
  • Goldfish were about 1-2 inches long
  • approximately 82 F
  • Clear visibility
  • Salinity: Freshwater 0.10 ppt

3) Create a species profile with all the information you can gather in-situ (pet shop owner, aquarist, fisherman, etc.) and online (, including common names in English and any other language spoken in the country where the species is present, scientific name, diet, behavior, trophic level, etc. (you can complete your profile later at home)

Common name: Comet Goldfish (10)

Scientific name: Carassius auratus

Classification: Omnivores

Diet: algae tablets, hikari protein pellets, spirulina algae flakes, squashes, or zucchini

Behavior: goldfish tend to school together, non-aggressive to same species, aggressive towards smaller fish, will chase females during breeding season, slower fish due to size and shape of body.

Trophic level: Primary level consumers

Common name: Balloon Mollies (10)

Scientific name: Poecilia sphenops

Classification: Omnivores

Diet: algae tablets, tropical flakes (primarily crude protein)

Behavior: schooling fish with a tendency to breed and produce live birth, aggressive feeders, non-aggressive between other species, will over compete for food, fast swimmers.

Tropic Level: low trophic level, primary level consumers

Common name: Common Guppies (10)

Scientific name: P. reticulata

Classification: Omnivores

Diet: algae tablets, tropical flakes (primarily crude protein)

Behavior: schooling fish that shoal together in packs, aggressive feeders that tend to feed at the same time, very fast swimmers due to small nature and length of body, tend to move all the time, males will move bodies back and forth to attract females.

Sample Solution

appened after Miles’s death including how the news was delivered to Mrs. Grose and Flora as well as how the governess felt afterward. This gives the readers closure as to how the death affected all the other characters. In addition, the ending would have been more satisfactory if the letter to the employer was sent and readers have the opportunity to see how the employer would have reacted to Miles’s death. Memorable lines/scenes (minimum of 6 lines-3 for A, 3 for B) Memorable lines from the book that you liked or that illustrated important ideas in the work. “‘Think me–for a change–bad!’ I shall never forget the sweetness and gaiety with which he brought out the word, nor how, on top of it, he bent forward and kissed me. It was practically the end of everything. I met his kiss and I had to make, while I folded him for a minute in my arms, the most stupendous effort not to cry.’” (James 46) What makes this line so important is that it summarizes the main idea that is prevalent throughout the story: that the governess adores Miles to the point of disregarding any odd situation he creates. Ever since from the beginning of the book, there has been this unrequited and excessive adoration for both Miles and Flora that was instantly born from the governess. The whole phenomenon of it is questionable and entirely odd: why are they so lovable? Why does she have such a strong and one-sided love for these children? For what reasons is her infatuation there? and many questions of the like. James leaves the reasons behind her infatuation ambiguous to his readers, which adds to the intensity in which his readers can interpret the governess’ love for the children. The quote reinforces the idea of how the governess can so easily discount Miles’ concerning explanation for being mischievous and melt in his loveliness just because she adores him that much, and it adds to the overall slightly uncomfortable and mysterious mood that shrouds the book. “… she was hideously hard; she had turned common and almost ugly. ‘I don’t know what you mean. I see nobody. I see nothing. I never have. I think you are cruel. I don’t like you! … Take me away- oh take me away from her!” (James 199). This quotation is a crucial turning point in the novel since it reveals that the apparitions of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel are most likely just the hallucinations of the governess. Throughout the novel, the governess had constantly insisted that the children were able to see the ghosts the entire time and were only refusing to reveal this fact, however, this scene disproves her claim greatly. Therefore, the governess’ mental stability would be most vulnerable to the criticisms of the book’s characters and the readers as we question whether she should be trusted. The readers also may draw the conclusion that the governess is delusional for being so adamant on the existence of the ghosts despite

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