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Factors that contribute towards one’s personal values

There are many factors that contribute towards one’s personal values and views toward nature. Based on the information from this lesson, write one to two paragraphs identifying the factors important to your own views on nature and natural landscapes .250–300 words.

In the Subject line of your Post, state whether you (a) strongly disagree, (b) disagree, (c) agree, or (d) strongly agree with the following statement:

America could have developed its national identity without its natural landscapes.
B. Defend your Position

In the Message of your post, explain your position on the statement above. Your response must be between 250 and 300 words to be eligible for full credit (10 points). Also, there are no right or wrong answers; grading will be based on how well you integrate the material from the readings to support your position. Incorporate ideas from the following topics when defending your position:

Sample Solution

Deregulation will also continue, backed in the future by growing intervention by governments to ensure that the enhanced competition which normally follows the removal of pricing and entry controls remains a permanent rather than merely a transient feature. This will in turn require furniture designing organizations to be lean and flexible and to be able to make decision quickly. Those that cannot will be seriously handicapped. In the future, it is likely that the world political scene will be even more unstable than today. This will mean that the furniture designing industry will continue to be affected by the periods of low demand caused by war, riots, and other disturbances. With economic aspects, furniture designing industry will always be affected by the trade cycle. In buoyant times, business will fare relatively well financially, but downswing periods in the cycle will be difficult. Well established furniture designing organizations will be those that use the more prosperous to prepare for periods when growth slows or stops After all said it is becoming clear that in future, successful and well established furniture companies will be those which select a clear strategy and stick with it, changing the way in which they apply the strategy rather than the basic principles associated with it. Recommendations I want to summarize this thesis with a number of recommendations that in my opinion will be indeed important for furniture design business to be successful and have a brighter future in the market: Furniture designers have to identify their most important customers and build warm and long-term relationship with them. Because it is difficult to serve all the customers excellent services for any new business. So, business needs to define its target market and focus on it. Furniture designers have to offer new services and product features which can be innovative for the customers. Customers always need the change so be innovative always is vital for the furniture designers especially for the new entrants. Furniture designers should often organize different training classes and workshops to develop the skill and experience of the staff.

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