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Increasing evidences showing that the environmental relationship between human and the environment is becoming closer and more complicated. The design of the environment and space affects people’s daily life and experience. The author Amos Rapoport, a famous designer, said that “The man-environment interaction is thus crucially linked by perception and cognition and this, in turn, is affected by culture” (Rapoprt, 1970). Undefining the title before perception and cognition are essential for interior design. In this argument paper, the main discussion shall contend on the impact of environmental and spatial conditions on the user of the design, and the importance of human experience within both place and space. As a member of ethnic, social or cultural society, who is immersed within space and environment (Rapoprt, 1970). In a perceptual environment, space is not just a relatively simple physical space in the traditional sense. The concept of space should be fundamental of the definition of the environment, or more precisely, the type of space that is related to people. Based on this basis, people or designers can design better according to the current situation of the space to better meet customer needs. It should be noted that all the spaces discussed here are human spaces which can think of design as a process of spatial organization. Through the process of design and perception, the designer realistically expresses the ideal space, thus realizing the visualization of the design space. At the same time, space can also be symbolic. Designers select the appropriate system symbols to display behavioral spaces based on the characteristics of the space, such as cultural differences and behavioral standards. For example, when the first group of immigrants came to the north America, the design style of Protestantism’s church was simple and clever combined by Goth and Roma style due to lack of local resources and diversity of faith. It is essential to environmental factors for interior design. In the article, prospect-refuge, the author explains that people prefer environments where they can easily survey their surroundings and quickly hide or retreat to safety if necessary. Environments with both prospect and refuge elements are perceived as safe places to explore and dwell and consequently are considered more aesthetic than environments without these elements (W., K., & J.,2010). This article also mentions that the principles, do perception and cognition, are based on the evolutionary history of human beings and that the environment with sufficient prospects and e

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